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Appearance on Mom’s of Miracles Facebook live June 15, 2019

Hello friends!

I pray this finds you well!
It has been a busy time for me as of late but I have something exciting to share. In case you do not follow my Facebook or Twitter for this website, or haven’t been online, I wanted to share the link to a Facebook live video from June 15, 2019. I had the absolute honor of appearing with my dear sisters in Christ from Mom’s of Miracles, a prayer ministry, to share God’s testimony of my life. The spiritual battle waging around me for the two weeks leading up to this appearance was heavy and I’ll post more about all that I’ve walked through when I’ve gotten some rest!

Please feel free to share this with any one who may benefit from what is shared here and thank you in advance for not only supporting this ministry but also MoM’s – they are truly women after God’s heart and are moving mountains in people’s lives through intercessory prayer and deliverance.

Please connect with MoM’s via their Facebook page here


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