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When God Shows up at 5,000 Feet: Expect to Receive Answers

Over the next few days, God simply continued to pour out His wisdom and knowledge to me, through others. I was absolutely flabbergasted at what was revealed to me, about things I’d been seeking the Lord on for so long.

God favors obedience

When I began searching for a home to buy in Tennessee last year, I believed with all of my heart that the Lord was leading me to the area around Tellico Plains. Why else would I have such a strong reaction to the area if God weren’t leading me there? The first home (of 4) I put an offer on was in a place called Turtletown, Tennessee. Most people, not even those in Eastern Tennessee even know where it is, despite it’s proximity to Tellico Plains and the Benton MacKaye Trail, among other nearby popular tourist and hiking spots.

Turtletown is approximately 30 minutes drive to Murphy, North Carolina. In fact, the road on which the home was located led to the Murphy area. I asked the Lord for a clear sign this was the home he wanted me to purchase and I received one, or at least that was my impression. The owner had left one book on the bookshelf: a Bible. I love the area and the home was great. For whatever reason, that house didn’t become a reality. But, what it did do was put that exact area on my radar.

I couldn’t help feeling due to my disappointment (and this was my flesh speaking) that I was deceived or I misread things. My flesh was telling me I was a liar, that God didn’t show me that house and that others wouldn’t believe I wasn’t hearing clearly from Him because the house fell through. And, it is possible people did think that, but what other people think about situations and places God places me in, is not important. I know what I know and I also know that God will show favor to Believer’s who are obedient to his call upon their life.

Alas, I had to let go of that house and purchasing a home period, but continued to walk by faith and not by sight, toward what the LORD continued to show me.

God gives wisdom

Something I have learned along this faith walk is that God will withhold information from us if He doesn’t think we are prepared for, or it is simply not (His) time for us to obtain the wisdom or knowledge. I had asked why He’d want me to move to Turtletown but really never received clarity other than it being in preparation for a future event. He also revealed just how bad the drug epidemic is in Eastern Tennessee as I was house hunting.

Fast-forward to the present. Here I am, now residing in Tennessee and still only having a small glimmer of the purpose for my relocation. And there I was, approaching Tellico Plains having the same reaction in my spirit as I’d had multiple times in the past. It is a mixture of both excitement and a connection that is completely beyond my understanding in the flesh, but that my spirit recognizes.

April 22nd is “Earth Day” and while on Facebook that morning I came across a post from one of the Cherokee pages I follow, sharing the word for earth – El-O-Hi. Let me tell you when I found it, I about fell out of my chair! The biblical Hebrew word for God is Elohim. I didn’t even have to look it up. This is where the dots began to connect…I reposted it and explained this exact thing when I did. Then, a man I am connected with who studies and adheres to Torah also mentioned this in a comment to the post. We shared about our connection to the Cherokee nation and he revealed something so mind-blowing to me that I had to keep digging.

Later in the day, my friend Hannah mentioned her maternal grandmother is Cherokee and shared a video that shook my spirit to the core. I did not watch it for over a week due to not having time and also wanting to find supporting information outside of Perry Stone*, such as firsthand info from someone in the Native community. And I did…an abundance.

By the time I finally watched the video I had been opened up to God’s wisdom and a connection between the Cherokee and the Lost Tribes of Israel by several sources. But what this video revealed to me was the greatest confirmation that I was not crazy, that God was speaking to me about the Tellico Plains to Turtletown connection, through my spirit’s reaction. I am not going to go through the entire thing here but if you’ve ever heard of or been taught about the Trail of Tears, which was the name given to the removal process by the U.S. government in 1839 of 16,000 Cherokee from the Southeastern United States, to Oklahoma (this is why there are multiple bands of the Cherokee tribe), this will resonate. (Too) many Cherokee died as they walked from Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee to Oklahoma.

But not all Cherokee allowed themselves to be forced off of their land. Many in North Carolina and Tennessee hid in the mountains along the areas now known as the Cherokee and Nantahala National Forests. The capital of the Cherokee Nation was what is known today as Murphy, North Carolina. The walk began there and maps show they traveled through the foothills from Murphy, which would have included the territory where Tellico Plains sits. The area in North Carolina where Robbinsville and Cherokee  (mentioned in part 1) is where they would have hidden, then later took ownership of.

Why God kept this information from my knowledge as I was walking through this journey, I do not know but I’m sure he had his reasons. My spirit man has been recognizing the deeply spiritual and supernatural presence of God and His people, from the first moment I laid eyes on those mountains and forests in late 2017, and connecting on a divine plane of understanding. Now more than ever, I believe He intends that I connect with my heritage and will unveil the remaining purpose in His good ole timing. Needless to say, this has stirred something up within that I cannot contain and I am excited to gain full understanding one day in the future.

*Mention of Perry Stone is not an endorsement of his ministry, I am merely sharing something God has used to respond to my request for understanding. I am sharing it for easy access to the historical information contained therein. 

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