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Book Editing Project, Those Crazy Corinthians, is Now Available

Hello friends!

It has been a busy season. I am excited to announce that an editing project that kept be busy earlier in the summer has now been published and I thought to share.

Those Crazy Corinthians, Are We Any Different by Pastor Gene Simco, is a teaching commentary that explores both letters to the Corinthians in the New Testament of the Bible, with supporting text.  Here is the book’s synopsis  (offered by Wayne Neller): 

“The church of Corinth. Through the years many scholars have rendered the verdict that this church had more issues than any other church in the entire New Testament period. Were they right? Maybe. Or perhaps it was merely that Paul enumerated a plethora of issues found in many churches — highlighting the church of Corinth as an example — and sharing his findings with us out of earnest desire that the church of today successfully navigate these very issues. In this study covering both of Paul’s letters to the church of Corinth, Pastor Gene Simco takes a close look at the issues Paul addresses and asks the question, “Are we any different today?” Gene is the Lead Pastor of C3 church in Naples Florida. He is a avid student of both theology and Greek, bringing both to bear as he pulls back the cultural mask that often veils important Scriptural truths. As Gene did in his earlier book, Mark for Millennials, he also accomplishes in this new work. Readers will come away with a greater understanding of God’s Word and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.”
Wayne A Neller, Church Planter and Overseer

If you’d like to purchase the book, you can click on the title above – it goes to the book’s sale page on


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