Writing Down Life

WITNESSING...the ebb and flow of life.

Thank you for gracing my website & blog with your visit! My name is Stacey Louiso. I am a Christian non-fiction writer, editor, poet and worship artist. Here is what you will find:

If you are curious as to what Writing Down Life means to me, let me provide a little insight:

My tag line states: WITNESSING...the ebb and flow of life.

Writing Down Life is a personal account of what I see/experience in this thing called life. As a writer, especially as a follower of Christ, I tend look deep inside a person or situation and pull the guts out of it. The end results (hopefully) being profound, unique and beautiful.

I hope you will take a closer look; if you relate to what you read, please visit often and share! If you seek a professional writer or editor, please click the "Services" tab to view my portfolio. Thank you again for stopping by!

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“I want to thank Stacey who humbly and willingly agreed to walk with me through writing this story. She kept me focused even when I couldn’t be, encouraged me when I thought I had nothing to say and kept me laughing and walking as we stumbled through some of the difficult pages...

From our working together, Stacey has taught me a lot about the creative process. I have learned that such undertakings take perseverance, patience and focus...therefore, I too, have grown in my walk through working on this project.”

Mary Pat Jones
Author of Walking Through Fiery Trials:
A Year of Loss, Learning and Faith

“Stacey, I want to thank you for the very kind review you gave my book. You're the first to point out the message of the girls being brave and defending their castle, so thanks! I'm glad there are Christian authors/bloggers such as you fighting the good fight with the written word.”

Dan Killeen
Author of Tillie & Clementine Noises in the Night

“I really appreciate the article Stacey wrote. It is one of the best quality [articles] that’s been done on me yet.”

Eric Raddatz
Erad Productions LLC

“Thank you for the wonderful article. It is a great piece and really covers the depths and spirit of NUMI...well done. We appreciate your time in capturing the essence of NUMI and look forward to spreading this amongst our trade, customers, and consumers.”

Thank you for your support!

Ahmed Rahim
CEO, NUMI Organic Teas