Won't you walk with me...as I bear witness to the ebb and flow of a life lived for the Lord, Yeshua (Jesus Christ), while documenting it along the way. This, so one might understand the ever-changing, amazing adventure on which The LORD GOD Almighty takes a soul dedicated to Him. 

My hope through this writing ministry:

  • For both Christians and non-Christians alike to realize how YHWH (God) moves in and through our lives.
  • To share how the LOVE of a Savior named Yeshua (Jesus) can soften the hardest of hearts and work things out in the most desperate of situations, if only one has true Faith.
  • To help people realize how we not only desperately need Him, but also how YHWH (God) constantly pursues us due to his deep love for humanity and desire to save us from ourselves.
  • For people to be encouraged! Life can be messy, but from personal experience I can attest that our Abba Father can turn a mess into a beautiful message of His agape love, if we only relent our "selves" to His will!

Thank you for joining me on this journey! I pray you receive wisdom, hope and most of all freedom, in Jesus Messiah's name. Always remember this promise...

My heart aches for humanity just as God's does.
I offer myself as an empty vessel for God's use and this often happens through the written word many examples of which can be found here, as a writing ministry.
This includes books, short stories or poetry I have authored.

Bound by Seduction, Redeemed by Grace: One Woman's Story of Falling into Freedom is God's story of my life from childhood to age 39. It is a raw and powerful story of overcoming the trauma from a lifetime of abuse and victimization. (Click on the image to learn more.)