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Continued Prophetic Prayers for Israel

If you watched or read the news today April 13, 2024, you have most likely seen that Iran has begun to incite direct war with Israel. While this attack was anticipated by Israel, it was also thankfully understood to be on the brink by her allies, including those who’ve signed peace agreements with The Holy Land in the Middle East. And, just as the U.S.A., the U.K., and France have militarily been on the front for a while, today they took the initiative, proving their support by shooting down the missiles and drones Iran is using to attack. Thank YHVH, literally, for the iron dome system in place above Israel at all times.

If you read a recent post on this topic, you’ll understand that YHVH was using more than just the intelligence agencies in The Land and of allied governments to warn of the looming attack – He is speaking to His prophets. I discovered what happened late into this evening but did not lose peace. I sat in my chair fervently praying, yet trusting that El Shaddai had gone before His people to prepare the way. He has given them nations to cover them as their troops, already battle-weary, remain prepared and on guard. They also have to keep their borders safe since those they’re fighting against from other countries are actually under the thumb of Iran, including Gaza. And, trust me, things are not finished in Gaza. That will end up being a one-and-done strike from Israel to keep their focus on the larger evil at this time.

The other issue is the high Holy days of Pesach (Passover) begin on the evening of April 22, then comes the 7 days of Unleavened Bread which the first and seventh days are commanded Shabbats for the Jewish nation. How, in good conscience, do you fight a war when your spirit knows this is something commanded by YHVH? You take the stance that you’re protecting what is sacred from being completely obliterated!

War on foreign fronts

What of the United States in this instance? Are we prepared at home if Iran – who hates us more than they hate Israel – decides to activate the cells they have on the ground here? We must, must, must pray that our military and all intelligence that covers our nation are on the highest alert and watching every move made against even one of our citizens by a foreigner or foreign national. We must pray for wisdom and protection for our troops and governing officials, and that these people decide right now where their allegiance is, so help us God!

I am not trying to incite fear in anyone but stating a known truth in the intelligence agencies and global governments: if you do not realize that WW3 began years ago and these attacks on Israel became yet another front, it’s time you start paying more attention. Again, not out of fear but so you are keenly aware of what is happening! If ever there was a time to put on the true full armor of God, friends, it is now!

As Believers we are called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, meaning not only physical but spiritual peace – for them to come into the fullness of Yeshua HaMashiac (Jesus the Messiah). He is the Prince of Peace. It’s time for them, as a nation, to receive Yeshua as their Savior. For it is He who fights their battles and keeps them undefeated.
(I am under the impression that some top officials who aren’t openly Messianic Jews, are Believers, and I 100% believe there is only one leader whom Yahweh could have placed in the top leadership role in Israel, during this time in history, understanding he has the guts to stare all of this down and keep Israel intact, without folding. I believe he is in place and knows the One who is in control.)

If I receive more from the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) regarding what is happening in Israel or here, I will do my best to share it before time gets away from me, which is very easy right now.

Shalom and blessings to you. Be vigilant and keep your lamps filled with oil!


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