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Why Isn’t Sound Doctrine Enough Part 4

My children…this will be sweet and simple. Do not think I don’t see that in your mind, you are trying to honor me. But, my children…I want you to see things from my perspective and possibly those around you. Here is what we see: the more you “know” the less you receive. The more you “know” the more you doubt. The more you “know” the less you love. The more you “know” the more you strive and cause strife.

Come to me like children, with open arms and hearts and you will have joy. In me. In My Word. In The Word become flesh. Wasn’t it The Savior who called you to Me to begin with?
Or, did He not call you, rather was forced upon you? Ah, if that is the case, I am so sorry beloved. Trust ME, if you come to Him on your own, like a child, He will refresh and bring forth His light in your soul. Your soul may not want it, but needs to be cleansed of the world, strife, and past hurts.

Come. Come! All you who are weary and I shall give you rest. And when you awake from slumber, you shall taste and see that the Adonai Elyon is GOOD (tov).



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