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Table for 1
On the cusp of 50
Get used to being this alone
Table for 1
Eating cake and ice cream
All but 11 years of this life
It was a cake for 2
Now, empty seats around the table
Table for 1
Fighting to remember, anything good
Pain trying to escape
To roll down an aging face
Nothing hits the pit of this plate
Table for 1
For the rest of all days
Sifting through thoughts
Trying to replace
Memories, no longer being made
Learning to sit at this table for 1
(Written: 4/19/24 by S. Louiso)

2 thoughts on “Poem: Table for 1”

  1. you struck a chord……
    it is a sound that is familiar to me….
    only the comforter knows the first and last notes that have rung out….
    or that will ring out
    we hear the chord in a finite bit of time
    once the chord is sounded, we hear it
    when we cease to hear it
    the soundwaves continue beyond our hearing
    we trust it to our loving Father


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