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Can we feel His pain?

One day, a few years ago, something strange came over me: There was a particular person on my heart and for some reason, I became overcome with warrantless emotion. It was as though I was in mourning! I truly didn’t understand why this was happening so I threw the question up to the Lord. What came to my spirit, which I took as my “answer” was that I had experienced what God felt toward that person, at that particular moment.  I wasn’t certain it was truly possible for us to feel what God feels, so I set about getting confirmation and sought wise counsel.

The women’s bible study group I attended at that time consisted of women many years my senior, all of whom were much further along in their walk. I posed the question one Friday morning and most of them stated yes, we can and do feel what God does for a person and/or their situation.  As I left  that day, I was glad I had asked and received confirmation of the message planted in my spirit; yet knew I wanted, and needed, to better understand what I had experienced. The only way I knew to gain in this area was through prayer and reading of the Word.

Exactly how is it possible that we sense what God feels? Mostly, it is because we are connected to God…we are His creation and He created us in his image. We are also connected to others through him. Our God is compassionate and loving yet is also moved to rage. Often he will put people before us whose lives He intends us to touch, or vice verses. If we are walking closely with the Lord and are attuned to Him, we’ll recognize how and why we are being used (not always at first, but it will be revealed). It gives God immense pleasure when a connection produces fruit, more so spiritual fruit such as being freed from an addiction, a heart opening to others, etc., through love, deliverance and/or ministry.

Unfortunately, there are times where people get close to victory but fall short, or they begin to open up to others only to recoil: Moments such as these break the Father’s heart! Do you realize that He mourns for us? Our downfalls are His downfalls; our hurts are like daggers to His heart! Pained, untrustworthy people are not who we are created to be. Humanity is connected whether we know a person or not; we are all born with a “god-shaped-hole” in our hearts. That hole overflows with His presence most when those around us are in need, are sad or are just not walking through life in a way that is becoming.

If you are a person who is walking closely with the Lord you are more than likely sensitive to the spiritual conflict of others. In my case, one of my spiritual gifts is discernment (discerning spirits); being in this position makes me very susceptible to the struggles and emotions of others. At the time I began asking the question at hand, I had yet to recognize my ability, however, it has actually been present since childhood and I have used it often in life, without understanding it. Therefore, it makes complete sense, my being able to associate what is not of myself, rather coming from outside of myself. (I could write a book about all of this to better explain…but won’t.)

God entrusts me with this ability and I do not take the responsibility that comes along with it, lightly. Once I realize that a person may have been placed in my life for more than “friendship” or “fellowship” I have to be very careful; very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I cannot get ahead of myself because it could be disastrous! I’ve messed up a bit here and there but never to the point where God stopped using me. I also have to discern when it’s safe for me, spiritually, to continue witnessing to a person–things get a little hairy once in while! There can be confusion that leads to hurt, on both parts (mine and theirs). It’s not an easy position to be in, nor one I’d wish to have, but God chose my purpose: I walk through it, grateful for the opportunity to serve my Lord!

On the cross, in his last breath, Jesus uttered the words, “It is finished…”  Many people do not truly understand the purpose of his statement. It was not meant as “my life is finished”…it is a defining statement!  It has been suggested that as Jesus hung there on the cross, his wounds were not the pain he felt. Instead, he felt…he took in…every single sin, of every single person alive then and all to come after! Those words were offered to those who would carry out his ministry, the promise he made was now fulfilled. Can you imagine taking on the sins of the entire world?

If you ever sense that your feelings are not your own, stop for a moment and consider how God is seeing the world around you. He came to us in the flesh in order to understand better our daily walk; looking around at the poor state of humanity today, He probably experiences a wide spectrum of emotions and we should be blessed with being able to sense His pain, joy or rage, as it rains down upon us.


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