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God’s Love is Like Raindrops

IMG_3517  I haven’t had many words able to escape my mind or my mouth, as of late.

They’ve felt quite caged up.

Struggling to think beyond what is before me; beyond my immediate tasks, or call of duty.

I guess perhaps this is a reflection of myself.

Life seemingly surpassing my ability to want to look forward to much.

God, it seems, had me in a holding pattern…one I wasn’t enjoying or wanted to be in.

I finally had my say…and as any good Father would, He must have listened.

For today I awoke, early as usual, proceeding outside for time alone with my Lord.

Then I looked before me and without a sound, falling to the ground was the most gentle rain.

I ran to it, I ran in it and I thanked Him: I knew it was a gift for me this day.

For His love is like that sometimes…as soft and refreshing as a rain drop, on a hot summer day.


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