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A Word Given From Adonai with Psalm 68

On the morning of January 20, 2024 I received a Word from Adonai. At the moment, I am just sharing what I posted on my only social media account along with lots of links to back up what was spoken to me. I may elaborate on this at a later date because, for a very long time, the Holy Spirit has been piecing together many puzzle pieces before my eyes (and bringing many forms of confirmation on what I’ve been shown) on why particular relationships built are causing us to perceive confusing outcomes in the ME and other gov entities. So, I’ll let the photos and links speak for Him, at this time. (As always, comments and questions are welcomed.)

Please also read Psalm 68.


Links:  (This one had me saying hmmm)

AND…for this next one, if you pay no attention to the many books in the front of your Bible, you will have no understanding of what is being shared. I am not being callous simply honest. Again, why it is imminently important that all Believers read, study, and understand the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelations.  If you have not, I hope this provokes you to do so!  (Yes, friends, this video is stating truth!)



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