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Being Led Blindly by God Through Discouraging Times-Part 2

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He shows up in the details

Do you know that God likes to show off? He likes to be our knight and shining armor! He is a God of timing – His timing – which is infinitely different than our own. Why? Because He not only already has every detail planned out before we are ever involved, but He also literally has all the time in the world. He doesn’t stress out about time; that is a human issue! I’ve talked in the past about how He shows up at the last minute and takes care of every detail. This situation was no different!

Once I finally resolved that buying a home is not God’s will for me at this time, and focused on finding an affordable apartment or rental home that would also allow pup pup, I felt a bit of relief about not being a home owner, at least right now. I found an apartment community in a town I have never even been to. Luckily, a friend happened to be in that exact area for work last week and was kind enough to visit it on my behalf. The leasing agent also gave her the address to a second community in a nearby town. Thankfully my friend, knowing that I was really hoping for a quieter environment, went to look at it without even telling me then reported her findings afterward.

She described the town and how it was not in a “city” and therefore was less noisy. She also noticed there were more apartments and suggested I look into them online. I searched the apartment websites for both the community she visited and looked for others in that town. I wasn’t finding anything so I did a Google search instead. That is when I found it – a community set high upon a ridge with big green spaces, a dog park on the property, views mountain views, and the apartments are huge! I could get 2 bedrooms and a real kitchen for less than my present, smallish, 1 bedroom apartment in Ohio.

I made this discovery on a Sunday so I filled out the community’s web form, praying under my breath they had an open unit! When I didn’t get a call by by noon-ish the next day, I called but had to leave a voice message. Still no return call came so I called again the next day. Finally, that afternoon, I received a phone call from the leasing manager. They did not currently have any units, but she also said they also only required 30-day vacate notices and would let me know if a unit opened up for April. 

There was one unit left at the original community I reached out to but I didn’t feel compelled to grab it up; I sort of sat on it for 5 days, praying for clear direction. I then, again, stepped out in faith and applied to the community I really hoped for. I had a convergence of things coming at me at the beginning of this past week:
1. Taking the unit at the community I didn’t really feel excited about
2. A new opportunity from my Realtor that was exactly where I wanted to be and where God initially showed me I would be, in a house that her family owns, for less rent than any of the apartments
3. Finally hearing that a unit opened up at the better community on the same day I was informed of the house.
4. A great writing project that literally landed in my lap, with no effort by me. (Apologies, I am not at liberty to discuss the project.) 

Not quite the answer hoped for

The decision to take the house was a no brainer – an answered prayer. However, I also realized that this particular area lacks internet connectivity (I’ve been to this area a few times now). The long of the short – God truly must have his reasons for not allowing me to be where He showed me I’d be, for now. (Or there is purpose, but living there isn’t His intention.) I have to have a certain amount of internet bandwith to run my work station (I work from home, and everything is done online) and not one internet provider in that area had enough service to allow me run it. 

I was in the midst of this exact research when I happened across the deer. At that moment I was a bit stressed out over not finding internet service at the rental home location. As I stood there gazing into the beautiful eyes of the white-tailed deer fawn and studying the intricate details of the fur around it’s ears and face, thinking of how God is a God of details. The dog’s bark snapped me back into the present. I knew then, that the option of the apartment was okay if that is what it boiled down to. God obviously has a reason and a purpose for wanting me there.

Taking my peace and moving forward

After concluding I wouldn’t be able to take the house, I texted my Realtor with the news and let that go with a deep sigh, accepting His will. This Monday I will call the leasing agent and move ahead with the apartment. I’ve taken my peace and can now at least relax into the next-step: shutting down life in Ohio, once again, and entering this next season of my life. 

Funnily, I knew when God moved me back to Ohio He had a purpose. I certainly did not foresee everything that has occurred over the last nearly 4 years. It is all a bit of a blur but one I’m happy to move on from. I thought moving back here was my final “coming home” and didn’t suspect for a moment I’d be moving again, let alone to Tennessee. I am grateful for the opportunity of a fresh start and pray this next season of life is much less taxing on me than this last one has been. I also know, and am grateful, I serve a God who provides abundantly more than I could ever fathom; I believe He has more for me than I can see at bottom of this hill. 

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, 2to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21)

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