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In Honor of National Poetry Month 2012: Verses

Poetry has been part of my life for as long as I can recall. I wrote my first book of poetry in elementary school. I fell in love with it in high school both by discovering the seriously great poets and that, I too, am a poet. So much of one that to date I have penned (or typed) over 300 pieces. My heartbreak was losing an entire notebook of poetry I wrote in high school from age 14-22, with the exception of pieces I wrote in an English/Journalism journal or note or scrap paper; it contained over 100 pieces by the time I was 22.

A lot of people ask me why I haven’t attempted to truly publish any of it. My common answer is: I had to let go of it in order to be ready. I am finally to that point though lack the time it takes to put a manuscript together (it has been started but I have to type a lot of it up so it’s going to take time, time, time).

I don’t normally share it online to prevent it from being plagiarized but today, I am sharing two poems: One from my early 20’s, one written recently.

I hope you enjoy, they make you ponder and you are moved to share!

Snow Tear (1991)

Oh, to feel it falling softly onto my hair; sticking as it melts!

When it rolls off of my face into the air, it stains the page before me.


Snow surrounds you; a circle of gleaming white flakes, packed together.


Tears fill your eyes.

Gently, yet steadily, streaming down your cheek.

One by one…


If you freeze a teardrop, will it form a snowflake?

Will this salty substance, plain and clear, turn into a beautiful ice crystal?

Can it?


Can something so delicate and beautiful, as a snowflake,

become something sad and lonely; like a teardrop can be.


Would you consider a tear flowing from the corners of your eyes,

something to smile and get excited about?


Traces of his Lie on my Face (2010)

Every time I say a loud, ‘I’m cured’

The enemy comes at me hardcore.

Grateful for the resolve I have built

Standing in my trust of the Lord.


I know that within days he’ll back away

Tiring of the game he plays:

Realizing I am a pillar…

Solid, in the Lord, to the core.


The enemy can try me hard

Put traces of his lie on my face.

But I know the promise is true.


I may not be perfect

Wavering ever so slightly

But always quickly bouncing back

I look at my face in the mirror and say it out loud,

“not tonight and not ever again.”


Perfection takes practice but only one has come close…

‘Tis He who washes me with His healing hands.

‘Tis He who delivers me from fear and

‘Tis He who whispers the truth

When I need it most.


The enemy can try me hard

Put traces of his lie on my face.

But I know the promise as true.


(R) Stacey R. Louiso




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