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Book Reviews

Dear Readers,

I am excited to announce the addition of BOOK REVIEWS to the Writing Down Life blog! I have always planned to include reviews and am now accepting non-fiction or works of poetry for review.


1) My style of review may be a bit unorthodox compared to what people are used to: I plan to ask the individual authors questions that my pop up while reading and including the Q&A as part of the review. I believe this will help not only the reader understand the book/author but also help the author clear up things which could prove confusing or worth pondering, for readers.

2) I don’t shy away from controversial topics…and i’ll leave it at that.

3) I am placing a preference for non-fiction (Christian and secular) work due to my personal tastes. I am not a big reader of fiction but if someone is really interested in having me review their fiction work, i’ll consider it after screening the subject matter. I will not review books containing excess violence, sexual content or based on any dark matters (vampires, zombies, fantasy, etc). Thank you in advance for understanding and respecting this.

4) If you are an author seeking review, please contact me using the form on the contact page. You will need to supply a physical copy of your book or gift an e-book if you have it Amazon Kindle ready.

Reviews will be posted on the blog page and then shared on all the major social media sites. Please show your support for the authors by commenting and checking out the embedded links to their websites/seller pages.

I truly hope you’ll both enjoy, and partake in, this offering.

Thank you!

Stacey R. Louiso



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