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Coming up in the future…

Hello. I want to take a moment to thank anyone who happens to come across this blog. I hope you enjoy your stay!

This “blogsite” serves as my writing platform but having an insatiable lust for words, I also give thanks and kudos to other writers by offering book reviews. If you happen to be a published author and would like me to review your work here, please go to the contact page and fill out the form to reach me.

I have just uploaded my second review and have more books than I can quickly get through, on my cue. I am overjoyed with this, actually. Thank you to the authors whom have entrusted me with their precious work! Some of those authors are known, others are not. They are also scattered about the globe which is so cool! Future reviews will include:

  •  An Agoraphobics Guide to Hollywood by Darlene Craviotto
  • Prayers, Poems, Songs by Mike Cesar
  • Real Faith – What’s at the heart of the Gospel? by John Murray
  • Spiritus Mundi by Dr. Robert Sheppard
  • Several more I already have in the cue…

My writing…

I was privileged enough to have a month off from work this past summer. During this time I was able to get a loose outline and a couple of chapters (plus a little more thought onto page on an additional chapter or two) on one of my next works of non-fiction. You know about How Hard is Love (which i’ll get to momentarily)…this other work is my testimony. I started on the introduction over a year ago…and have since been in prayer about what God wanted me to include. I am normally pretty transparent and my past doesn’t have a hold on me, praise the Lord, but anytime you drudge up things that were, at one point in time-emotionally challenging, it makes you think about things you normally do not.

That is exactly what happened while I was typing up poetry from 20+ years ago, over the past year. You have to keep things in check afterward, for certain! But I am happy to have finally gotten the poetry typed and the book underway.

As for How Hard is Love…I have had no time to work on it. I am pondering perhaps doing some crowdsource funding to allow myself the opportunity to work on it without having to sacrifice making a living. When that happens, I’ll post a link here; I’d appreciate any support possible.

That is all for now!

Thank you for checking back. In the coming day’s I will write a post describing the process of writing one’s testimony.


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