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Book Review: Divine Duct Tape: A Devotional Journey in Luke

 Book Review: 

Divine Duct Tape: A Devotional Journey in Luke 

By: Kelli Ra Anderson


It seems as though there are a plethora of Christian devotional books on the market.  They are a pretty popular means of studying scripture and capturing the meaning behind each, then applying it to one’s own life.  Divine Duct Tape: A Journey Through Luke, by Kelli Ra Anderson, is such a book.  Although, is comes with a bit of a twist: it’s humorous in a way you don’t expect.

To begin, there is the sub-sub title of the book, “Finding ah-ha moments in an uh-oh life.” If the reader knows anything, it tells you Anderson has children and there are moments regarding them, mentioned therein.  That sub-title alone sets the tone for the book, as it resonates itself, throughout.  Then, the reader stumbles across Anderson’s reason for the title, Divine Duct Tape, which, in itself (for many a Christian), makes way too much sense:

“…I discovered that God could save me in ways that really mattered. To fix me in ways only He knew I needed. From the inside out, He began to mend my soul, forgive the unforgivable, and assure me that I was a heart worth salvaging. Divine duct tape.” (11)

Anderson lets the reader in on one fact that she keeps evident with each personal contribution: She’s not perfect. She’s not a “perfect” Christian pretending to be on a perfect walk with the Lord. She’s not, she insists! I like this about her, as it truly contributes to how she relates to the scripture at hand, the explanation and exploration of it, as well as what she’s hoping to portray.

She also implores the reader to find solitude. Even Jesus went into the wilderness or mountaintop once in a while and we should too! (Amen!)

Anderson explores the book of the Apostle Luke, who was a doctor.  He walked closely with Paul (in fact, he was probably Paul’s physician. Luke’s writings are more scholarly than the other apostles.  Anderson seems to meditate deeply on the meaning of each verse not only sharing interpretations but also asking questions and answering the contemplations she sets out, for each individual reader, herself.

Anderson is very transparent about her life; her choices help us know she is real. She struggles and she finds the humor in the most difficult or mundane situations, just like we all do (or at should at least try to do).  Her testimony is both touching and thought provoking.  Her family life is front and center for the world to see, take it or leave it.  I believe it took great courage for Anderson to show her world to readers, as she does.

This particular book of devotionals could be a great tool for “new” Christians, just starting their walk and needing to see a realistic side of faith—or—mature Christians, who have perhaps had set-backs and are seeking fellowship with another Christian who has struggled; knowing oh-so-well that God is a loving and forgiving God! This is a great resource for encouraging people back into their walk.


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