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Book Review: Where God Finds You

      Not being familiar with an author’s previously published work could pose a problem, when reviewing a new work.   That could have been the case as I sat to read Where God Finds You, by Anita Higman, who has previously authored fiction Christian novels.  However, I believe it was to my benefit, not knowing her fiction work, as I ventured into this, her foray into non-fiction.

Where God Finds You is a book of devotionals—but this one is surprising.  Mind you, I’ve read quite a few other books of devotionals and as good of a purpose as they serve I feel they can be difficult to review.  However, there is something different about the way Higman approached this collection.  It is quite obvious that a great amount of thought and preparation went into, Where God Finds You.  She has combined creative, characterization with distinct exploration into each scripture chosen to present to the audience.

Higman’s exploration into the thoughts and emotions (as well as the way they react to a situation), of certain individuals, whom appear in the stories of the Bible, is a refreshing approach to putting together a book of devotionals.  I found myself getting involved with those characters on a different level as Higman breathed humanity into them.  In the Bible, we don’t have an opportunity to read into their character. Higman, in a rich and realistic manner, has done-so on our behalf.

The character profile she drew which grabbed me the deepest was Peter.  There are many incidents we are shown from Peter’s time with Jesus; the one she chose to examine was when Jesus told Peter to exit the boat out on the lake, as the troubled waves were lapping all around them.  I’m not going to give it away but I was quite taken with the description Higman composed, as she considered Peter’s feelings as he sought out over the water, after Jesus.  Simply put: it was beautiful writing!

What Higman seems have done is to have taken her finely crafted, fiction, writing skills and used them to draw the reader in—into the stories—helping us identify with each of the forty biblical profiles she chose for the book.  She also draws the reader nearer to God, as we discover, that these stories are meant to be used to reach us; to help us understand that God will find you, where he finds you.  We don’t really have a choice in the where, nor how he might use us, just as He has used Higman to produce this work. 

Where God Finds You would be a wonderful gift for anyone, male or female, who enjoys fiction but is also interested in learning more about God and how to draw closer to him; definitely something that will entice one’s imagination while being used as a tool to build understanding of just how God inserts himself into our daily lives.

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