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Additional thoughts on “process”…

Happy 2013!

This is my first post of the new year so yes, the salutation is a bit dated…but i’m sure you’ll forgive me.

Some loyal readers will recall I was attempting to finish writing a book by January 31st. I have been working as diligently as possible but will not make the deadline. I am actually really far along and will finish it soon if I keep working daily but I am not far along enough to do all that I want to do with it plus have some other eyes review the work to meet the contest deadline.

Also, as mentioned, I was hoping to enter the manuscript in a contest but after reviewing the prizes, I decided what they were offering was not the route I want to go with this or future works.  They were offering a self-publishing package that wasn’t unappealing.  If, in the end, I cannot land an agent or get my submissions looked at, I know it’s an option-just one I don’t want to take, presently.

Therefore, i’ll just keep working away and the extra time will allot me the ability to really make it the best it can be, give me time to truly insert some creativity into it and get objective feedback!

The other areas of my life are all well and peaceful…my desire to tackle some big creative/business projects is trying to frustrate me (lacking the proper guidance and ways to fund them).  Have you ever experienced this?  If so, I’d truly enjoy learning from your experience so please comment or contact me!

I will be sharing, in the coming months, about a contract project I am tackling that I am excited about.  Excited more because of the person it is for, than for the work itself.  I am not able to disclose presently but as soon as I can, I will share a bit about the person and her work, that I will be helping to promote.

I pose more thoughts and a question for this post, regarding the creative process. This was a recent Facebook page post:

I often wonder how other creatives know when they are about to get struck by the moment or bug (writing, painting, creating a project, et al)… I always know when I need to sit in a quiet place to let the words flow because they begin to formulate in my head–I can literally hear them as they start telling me the “story.”  I also know my time limit, meaning, how long I can wait to let them out before they are lost.  It happens and I truly dislike those times…

I’d love to hear others take on this..please share.

Until next time…be blessed!

P.S. I will start book reviews again soon. I am now posting reviews to Amazon (I wasn’t before and any older reviews are now living there alongside their respective author pages). I am also accepting books via



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