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Sin Issues (Part 2): Casting Light Upon Shadows

If we can still smell the aroma of a frozen blueberry, Jesus can certainly melt a frozen heart and reveal the good, even in the most sinful among us

As strange as this may sound, it was a thought that came over me one morning as I stood over my blender, an open bag of frozen blueberries in hand, ready to pour them into my smoothie. I was caught pleasantly by surprise as I caught a whiff of blueberry goodness! I stood there savoring the scent, when the statement written above entered my mind. God certainly uses the most ordinary of moments to speak into our lives; I find the humor but also enjoy knowing God is truly in everything, at all times…

In Part 1 of Sin Issues, I shared how I had finally walked through an area of fear (i.e. sin) in my life. The fun part is that as soon as one area received victory, I sensed He was picking at an old scab: something I thought was healed, sealed and no further work needed to be done. Welll…apparently I was mistaken and the way God chose to open it back up was interesting to say the least…

I had posed a question to God in regard to the book I’m writing: “Why me” (as in who would care about my story) I had wondered; recently the answer was seemingly revealed, that is, after he gave me a peek at what lies beneath the surface of my life, waiting to come to light. It’s some heavy stuff and I’m not sure I want to know all the details, however, I must continue to allow God to cast light upon all the shadows, in order to heal.
By then, it should be the end times, and Jesus on his way, so if nothing else, I’ll just go before him blemish and wrinkle free! 😉 lol Amen.

Seriously though, for several nights last week I was kept up, into the wee hours of the night, as I was being led to some unexpected places on the internet. The topic at hand was the Illuminati. (When I realized this, I immediately went into prayer for protection in case it was not God leading me and then I proclaimed being victorious over these things through Jesus.) Mind you, I already have a pretty good understanding of the history of this Satanic practice and also possess knowledge on how they have subtly inserted themselves into American pop-culture…but to what extent, I did not realize. Nor did I understand why God was leading me into such dark territory, when I normally avoid it like the plague! Then the powers that be, between the Holy Spirit and me, lifted a veil I was unprepared for…

There is a sound reason I do not expose myself to anything dark and occult in nature: when I went through deliverance ministry in 2009 (when I was born again, again) this was an area of my life where I received not only immediate healing but also incredible wisdom. It was made abundantly clear to me that this was a toxic area in my life; one that had wreaked all kinds of havoc in my spirit. I knew that from my teenage years until that day of deliverance, I had been heavily influenced by the occult. But I had put away things I was aware went on from early childhood as well.

For those who may not understand what occultism is, or involves, the list is long but to name a few things: astrology (horoscopes), orgy’s, yoga (it’s worshipping Hindu gods), paganism, witchcraft, satanic rituals, voodoo and even toying with tarot card and palm readings. It is embedded in most anything labeled “new age” because it is going against the one true God. There are lengthy studies available to back this up… To tip it off, a person is also susceptible if they experienced sexual abuse/molestation, rape, abandonment or have a family/personal history of addiction to drugs &/alcohol.

These activities open up doorpoints to some very dangerous spirits. Participating in these things are quite literally inviting evil into your life. Not only into your life but into the lives of those around you and even the generations to come after you, e.g. your children and grandchildren! (This is known as a generational iniquity or curse, a spiritual issue that is passed down in one’s DNA to the generations to come. Yes, it’s mentioned in the Bible in ExodusNumbers, Deuteronomy. Thankfully, Jesus  not only died for our sins and we can break these curses off through His saving grace. Plus, He knows no fear and has dominion over Satan, therefore so do I!)

These spirits seem to innocently insert themselves into our lives: How harmless could reading a horoscope be, right? Let me ask you this…have you ever had a day start out really great and then read “your” horoscope only to find yourself consumed by what it stated? To have what it said start manifesting itself in your day or week? Do you begin to obsess over what it’ll say day after day?  Does that seem right to you? It’s not (so I hope you said no)! The enemy subtly enters through cracks in your mind and before you know it he has taken up residency.

I am not going to link back to anything having to do with the Illuminati. I do not want to expose anyone to that kind of wickedness! However, if you or someone in your immediate family participate in this or is a (Free) Mason or in Scientology…you’ve already been exposed. These “religions” participate in satanism, so popular music idol’s like Jay-Z (+ the Mrs.) and Kanye West, Marilyn Manson and yes, even Taylor Swift (and MANY others in the entertainment industry) are feeding the devil straight into your brain. Have you ever noticed their split-personalities? Think about it… Have you ever wondered why you see people suddenly cop an attitude when this type of music is playing? And no, it’s not exactly the 4/4 measure of the music as theory holds (there is truth it’s just not the whole truth).

I digress…

I wondered, hesitantly, why a light was suddenly being shed on these shadows? What was God trying to tell me about myself, by exposing me to these terribly dark things? Firstly, He was preparing me: The answer I received regarding why He is having me write the book I am (especially focusing where it does) has to do with what I’ve walked through/been delivered of and how relevant it is to young people today. Secondly, this preparation is so that when He finally pulls back that layer, which goes into territory I have yet to completely recover, I do not lose my mind.

I knew it was there and affecting me before I recommitted my life to Christ (perhaps because I had already accepted my salvation at a young age and He was already dwelling within and sharing knowledge)…I recognized the signs that something wasn’t right with my soul but I had no idea how to stop it. Allowing Jesus back into my heart was the only way I could be saved from all that resided within me, and from myself!

Bits and pieces have been revealed…He likes it this way. Day by day, little by little…things will come to pass. I am ready to be stripped of this layer whenever you are ready to pull off the band-aid my Lord! I have faith that no matter how ugly it is, you will love me through it. Amen!

If you would like to learn more about Jesus or accept him into your heart, please click here!

If you would like to repent of these same things in your life and break the chains of bondage created by them, click here.

This song by Big Daddy Weave really sums up my life in retrospect and how it looks present day: “I’ve Been Redeemed”     

(Note: I’m not sure it was a coincidence that on Yahoo today, there was a very public photo gallery of some of the people I mention above, being associated with Illuminati and Free Masons, all giving hand signals… I think there is a reason God had me write this, now. The media  sensationalizes this and it may only draw in more people…breaks my heart!) 

3 thoughts on “Sin Issues (Part 2): Casting Light Upon Shadows”

  1. Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. It is no wonder that the things you have mentioned seem harmless (astrology, tarot etc), but in reality are not of God, and therefore, not for a Christian. Excellent post.

    1. @DennisCooper I missed pointing out one part of your comment … those things aren’t meant for anyone, not just Christians. God loves us all, not just those whom are born again; He wants all of His creation to veer away from darkness. Of course, He knows those of us who will and who won’t but it still breaks His heart, nonetheless.


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