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Finishing His Work

Dear friends,

I pray this finds you well and in peace! The ole blog has been quiet for a while as I finally was forced to sit down and finish scribing the book God worked through me. I say forced in truth: God sat me down and gave me a good talking to one Sunday during church.  Yes, smack in the middle of service, our gracious and loving God had me pinned to my chair, unable to move…and reminded me what obedience looks like.

Let’s just say over the course of the past couple of months, baptism by fire became the theme of my life.  Thus a  blog post you’ll see shortly!

I have mentioned this book from time to time but haven’t given much detail.  It is my life, start to present (in short)…a testimony from two perspectives: one from a harlot, the other from a woman transformed by the love and light of Christ Jesus.  It is not pretty, not sugar coated and it was not easy to produce.  Writing this book brought both remembrance and healing.

I had no idea how He wanted it to end, thus why I’ve sat on it.  I guess I wanted to control it.  However, when I finally sat and wrote, as I suspected, He took control and simply flowed through my fingers.  (He did the same when I was writing the first book with my friend Mary Pat Jones.) I cannot even engage in what I wrote any longer which means I can now walk away for the most part.  It is finished! 🙂  (Sorry, Jesus, I stole your line…but without your dying on the cross…I would not be the woman I am today! I praise you, Jesus…crying at your feet…for the love, grace and mercy, you’ve shown me. Thank you, thank you, thank you…)

The title God gave me is: Bound by Seduction, Redeemed by Grace.  I have it in the hands of a couple of trusted Believers for feedback on the content.  I will be handing it to my pastor and his wife to read as well.  When all of that comes back, depending on any issues they may come across (fluidity, text, etc), I will then be seeking an agent or publisher. I am being led to go the route of a Traditional publisher.  I need to pray on whether or not to put a portion of the book online at this point! I am not inclined to presently.

Please keep this work in your prayers…God would not have had me share my story if He didn’t intend to use it to help others.  I would never in a million years have wanted to share it, if He hadn’t have continually flowed through me and urged me to continue on this path!  The work takes me back, always, to Romans 8:28! Amen!

Thank you and I hope this blog is a blessing to you!

In His humble service!


2 thoughts on “Finishing His Work”

  1. What great news and so effectively introduced. Good luck from here on. I suspect this will work out for you beyond your expectations. All the best.


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