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Pulling Back the Shades…

I'm on the book team for Pulling Back the Shades


I was accepted onto a team of women, worldwide who are using social media, blogs and websites to promote the book, Pulling Back the Shades by Dr. Juli Slattery and Dannah Gresh If you’ve read the book or plan to see the movie “50 Shades of Gray”…we’d like for you to consider this:

  • What is true intimacy?
  • What institutes Love and Romance in a marriage?
  • How does God see sex?
  • Have you been adversely affected by social conditioning that sex outside of marriage is acceptable in God’s eyes?

Find out the answers to questions like these and more… at

Like my Facebook  page -or- follow me on Twitter for a chance to win a copy of the eBook (you can do one or both from this site)! Check back soon for that opportunity and more posts about the book and it’s contents.



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