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Book Review: Some (Amazing) People I Know – Keith Maginn

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Some (Amazing) People I Know is a book of vignettes about a collection of people the author, Keith Maginn, knows. Theses seemingly amazing individuals have entered into his life and he has been privileged to take lessons from their personal walks and trials. The author does a really lovely job at working as much detail about those featured in a short space. He features some whom are walking with the Lord and a couple who may not be (but I am not clear if they are, or if Maginn is). No matter, these people live by great examples of Jesus’ love toward others.

On a personal note, most of these individuals (Maginn included) call Cincinnati home, so it is an honor to know such people exist in and are influencing others, in my city! Maginn chooses his words very carefully in order to respect those featured. He doesn’t expose too many personal details and I have great respect for his personal story telling skills.

These individuals include a single mother of 5, who is a well-respected Doctor of Chiropractic. A young woman who currently works for a major airline carrier as a flight attendant. The family of a very brave little boy and quite a few others very worthy of being showcased! Many of them have overcome some terrible ordeals to a more fruitful life filled with gratitude!

There were some minor editing issues but not enough to deter me from reading past them and again, Maginn is a storyteller with a joyful heart, despite his own ongoing trials. I appreciated that he wasn’t afraid to expose himself a bit at the end. Maginn also inserted himself into the stories by explaining how he came to know each person, and what part they’ve played in his own growth! This was pretty interesting from a faith standpoint as our testimonies are indeed given to us to help others.

This is a family friendly book that I would recommend to anyone who would like a good casual read, or may be seeking some divine inspiration!

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