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A Showdown with Jezebel

The absolutely still atmosphere of my apartment hit me square in the face that day. I walked in the door from work, immediately sensing the shift, although, it took some contemplation to grasp “what” I was experiencing.

Upon entering the main room, I realized she finally decided to go. She’d signed the lease to Jezebel’s new place of residency over a week prior, moved in, yet hadn’t slept there. That day, Jezebel left the building! I cannot express the amount of elation experienced upon discovering she wouldn’t be back! Honestly, the wash of emotions were mixed but no matter – this was for everyone’s good, especially after Jezebel’s vengeful side threatened me two days prior. The long of the short: I was standing toe to toe, no matter how nasty the battle turned, and was not relenting. Jezebel has lost. She is a very sore loser!

I guess she never learns from the lessons God has handed her. Jezebel cannot go after God’s children/chosen ones and get away with it. As scripture states, vengeance is the Lord’s (Romans 12:18-20) and sadly, this case was absolutely no exception as I’d learn in the days to come…but, in the meantime, I would be adjusting to a Jezebel free zone! Praise Jesus!



Pure, unadulterated, peace!

A peace that surpasses all understanding had been ushered into my home. It so permeated the air, I couldn’t fathom disturbing it. For what seemed like eternity, I would come home from work in the evenings and simply receive from the calm silence; the stillness was deafening in a miraculous way! (He is the God of miracles!)

The Lord used my desire to embrace the silence to His advantage by sharing his thoughts and wisdom with me, as well as His pleasure over my finally overcoming this spirit (Jezebel) after what feels like a lifetime of ugly battles.




My spirit receives it all with open arms!

Many of my dear sisters in Christ had been interceding in prayer on my behalf over the past ten months (in this situation). Their responses upon learning of this development were pure joy for me and praises to Jesus, who absolutely deserves the credit! Jezebel no longer has access to my home. The key has been returned to my possession for keeps.

Soon after departing, an unfortunate event occurred; I prayed it somehow expunged Jezebel from the soul in which she resides. (Sadly, this does not seem to be the case.) You see, during that morning battle Jezebel lashed out at me, saying, ‘I would pay for my cruelty’…Cruelty? Is that what you call opening up your home, helping financially and continually extending grace over the course of a lifetime to someone who cannot get their life together by age 60? Not to most, however, Jezebel doesn’t see kindness only what someone might do to offend.

In this case, she didn’t get her way. She failed to manipulate me into doing what she wanted, therefore I became public enemy #1!

What happened may or may not have been God but I firmly believe He controls all: While at work, the soul whom Jezebel possesses, tripped and fell, flat onto her face. The injuries received, though minor, are painful and cumbersome. Ironically, prior to, I prayed for this soul asking God to bless, provide for and protect her. Unfortunately, I have no control over what God allows beyond my knowledge.

I have great concern for her wellbeing but the Lord has kept me in a place of perfect peace over her injuries and keeps me at a distance. For once, I was not compelled to run to her side and take care of her. I didn’t feel the need to save her. God gave me a rather lofty revelation after the accident regarding this relationship: I was under the impression I historically chose to help this person, but what the Lord has slowly revealed is how I have very subtly been manipulated into it.


The subtle way in which Jezebel gains control are baffling to even the most educated psychologists. One does not learn the ways of this spirit unless one has maneuvered through its clutches, and lived to tell about it. I see more individuals who by faith alone have successfully overcome her grip, individuals who are being propelled forth to call Jezebel out of the dark – this, so she can consistently be defeated by the Light. There is no other way than through Jesus Christ to bring this demon to its knees!

Personally, I’ve decided to no longer be sad for those close to me who are stuck in this spirit. No—instead, I am standing up to the source of conflict: The devil himself. I am declaring victory for them in Jesus’ name!

Pour your Spirit out Jesus, in our lives and homes. Help us to overcome, overwhelm our world Lord Jesus with your healing power. Jesus, infiltrate walls and break every chain of bondage like only YOU can.


About the image used: I took this photo when a storm was brewing outside of my apartment. This tree, with it’s peeled bark revealing the bright white light underneath, seemed reminiscent of Jesus on the cross on the day of his crucifixion – when all went dark and the Light remained.


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