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Don’t Leave a Sister on the Floor


Each time, over the past 10 months, I’ve been at a prayer event or stayed after church for an altar call, and people (mostly all women) were “slain” in the (Holy) Spirit…I have distinctly heard  voice say, “Go to them…please, show them they are not alone.”  If you aren’t familiar with what being “slain in the Spirit” is, allow me to explain: it is when a person is so struck by the Holy Spirit, they crumble or fall to the ground. Some believe being “slain” is an honest movement of Holy Spirit power over a person’s will, others think it’s hogwash. I am not here to judge. I’ve been overcome by the Holy Spirit enough times to know it absolutely can knock you off your feet and, yes, have felt myself going down as my knees buckled, but never was I “out for the count” as some seem to experience.*

The subject at hand in this post isn’t exactly about being slain by the Spirit; instead, I am questioning why no one goes to their sides afterward, considering people often come up dazed and confused. Sure, they have just had a personal spiritual encounter, however, they were being prayed for before it happened…so, why aren’t they being prayed over afterward? This year, the Lord has literally led me to do so, to go and be with people – to meet their needs as they come out of it. There is no Biblical rule that tells us to leave people alone after they’re overcome by the Spirit, in fact, quite the opposite.

If you are ever in the position to do so, I was led to write this post and suggest that you pray to Jesus, asking what he wants. If no one is led to be by their side, might you be the person He is waiting on to go and minister to your brother or sister’s heart? Seriously, don’t leave a sister on the floor! Pray for the Lord to use you in that instance to offer a hug, a tissue, a word of encouragement. To find out if they’d like to talk things through. I’ve found that most of the time all of those things are well received. I’ve yet to come across a person who didn’t openly appreciate someone just caring enough to check on them and offering prayer; asking whatever the Lord healed or revealed during that moment in time, be made clear to them.

Go ahead! Fear not…help another member of the body by showing some agape love when they may need it most!

*Being “slain” by the Spirit of God is not mentioned by name in the Bible but people may just not have named it; there were certainly accounts of people overcome by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. There are numerous articles regarding this topic online, I found this one, answering the questions what being slain by the spirit means, offered by Billy Graham Ministries to answer it well, and also provide wisdom on the topic.


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