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What I Am Thankful for this Thanksgiving Day

 The above clip is the memory that showed up in my Facebook feed this morning as I pondered, and my heart and spirit revealed, what I am most Thankful for today:
Given the date of the post, I’m certain prior to writing it, my being was yet again shaken by some unwarranted atrocity committed against me by my then spouse. I am Thankful to not recall that memory, and how God protects.
I ponder how disappointing life has been over the past few years, yet how God has pulled me, and my family, through. How, despite our sadness in not spending this day with my sister, He now has her hidden under the shadow of His wings…grateful/thankful most of all she is alive and the Lord can now fulfill the work he began in her because she is away from the world’s influence.
Thankful she has taken up pen and paper to write letters, despite her lack of confidence to make sense in writing. I pray she will use writing to empty her beguiled soul onto that cold, cement floor and finally allow the Lord to fill her up with His essence and agape love.
I am Thankful for provision. I am Thankful for what fraction of a family I do have left, and that we’ll get to spend time together today, and how God uses each moment. I am ever Thankful for those who have become family through time and connection, those whose love remains, are tried and true, despite time and distance!
I am Thankful for a sound mind, peace that passes ALL understanding, and a discerning spirit – all of these attributes, given by the grace and mercy of the Lord, have saved me from going down under the weight of grief, pain (emotional and physical) and loss. And I am especially Thankful God is omniscient – He knew to provide me with an amazing mentor from the start of my new journey with Him, who was and is a living example of His strength through life’s unexpected moments.
Today, I am grateful for God’s presence and saving grave, because without it I don’t know where life would have taken me. I’ve always been a survivor but have learned I’d much rather have the strength of a Savior to lean on, instead of always relying on my own. Thank you LORD GOD for coming alongside us at all times. Thank you for never leaving or forsaking me despite myself! You are AMAZING!


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