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Quietly Welcoming 2018

Last night while driving, I caught sight of a large deer making its way up a snowy embankment, on a dark back road I often take. The temperatures have been frigid lately, so a deer sighting was a surprise as they are usually tucked into their nests this time of year. As thoughts of the deer entered my mind this morning, I heard that still small voice within reminding me of the message a deer across my path often means (as God often uses them symbolically in my life): keep moving forward. 

The last months of 2017 were complicated, yet I know I’m not to focus there since the complications no longer have influence over me. Instead, I am to focus on each minute of each day as they come. The past complications (which are actually still causing complications, but I am completely at peace while dependent upon and entrusting all things to God), I recognize as attacks on me by the enemy because I was and am moving forward on divine assignments, such as finally getting HIStory (my memoir) published, adding my voice to a website that aims to assist people walking through difficulties, and attending a new church where God seems to have a purpose for me prepared and waiting . 

The website I’ll be contributing to is and my first post should be published January 5th. (I’ll be able to repost after it’s live.) I haven’t updated here regarding my sister in a long time. I just couldn’t bring myself to constantly focus on the disappointment of her situation, however, God answered, and continues to answer, prayers just to save her life. I had felt the Spirit urging me to share, but on a new platform. The last thing I desired is to create a separate blog because I now have three websites to manage (more later…) and after some prayer and contemplation, the Lord reminded me of Defying Shadows. I had contributed there in early 2017, so revisited the site, prayed a bit more, then was led to reach out to the administrator, Nichole. She was more than thrilled to bring me on board. I am so grateful to have a place to share a family’s perspective of addiction with that audience (and this one). I’ve signed on for six months and will see where the Lord leads thereafter. 


My memoir, Bound by Seduction, Redeemed by Grace: One Woman’s Story of Falling into Freedomis presently in the design production stage. I am patiently awaiting the final cover image so I can share it publicly, then initiate further marketing strategies. I feel as if the Lord will get this book into the hands it is supposed to fall into without my having to spend countless hours and dollars promoting it. I will be asking for my readers, friends and sister circles to assist in promoting the book, and that you also purchase a copy, then share it with others! The best way for a book to catch fire is word of mouth and reviews, which so far have been beyond my expectations! 

New Beginnings 

I had been receiving a nudge to separate from this blogsite my professional writing/editing and consulting services, then begin marketing them via a new website under the moniker, Inspired Copy + Content Creation. I am in the midst of building the website and Facebook page but the domain is: The target market will be Christian authors, artists, ministries, and small businesses. (I definitely am not limiting myself to the Faith market for small businesses.)

If you or anyone you know has a need for:

  • copywriting/editing
  • book editing/developmental editor
  • ghostwriter (books, articles, blogs, etc)
  • digital content creation
  • writing mentor (books)
  • creation/implementation/admin of WordPress blogs

Please pass along the website URL ( to fill out the contact form, or visit the Facebook page: @InspiredCopyContentCreation. and message from there. Thank you in advance!   

Moving Forward

The final item of interest to mention is The Potter’s Clay Cafe. I have a website created (an initial site) and will be seeking volunteer prayer warriors to come alongside me in this venture, as well as funding/donations. Most of the royalties from the book will go toward funding; we will also sell merchandise and have programs set up to help with our goals of becoming mobile and serving the needs of those in Central Appalachia. We’re in prayer for either the funding or donation of a camper/small rv or food truck (gently used would be great) so we can truly heed the call the Lord has given. Please relay this information to anyone, regardless of location, in need of prayer or spiritual nourishment as it is our main focus! 

The temporary online home is: where people can contact us via the form (I’m not posting emails here as not to compromise them).

Please also visit and connect with The Potter’s Clay Cafe on social media:

Facebook @ThePottersClayCafe

Twitter @PottersClayCafe

Finally, I have blog posts coming up  today as well, and for this I praise God from whom ALL blessings flow – because the wellspring has been dry for months! Remember, God’s mercies are new every day! Happy New Year. 



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