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Poem: Anticipating Snow 2020


A tease is all that unexpectedly fell on an earlier occasion

‘Twas not yet winter, so that it graced the ground, a blessing

The higher elevations have since received measurable amounts

Trying not to be jealous, rather zealous it would soon make its way

Finally! The weather reported, we’re anticipating snow

Just enough here, yes, not too much

Sitting by the window on a day when the temperatures would not indicate its approach

One sits, anticipating snow

Rain, rain, more rain falls – again teasing one in waiting

Suddenly, suddenly,  it happens – snow mixes with the pouring rain

Moments later, it appears out the window: winter being ushered in

Oh, the joy, anticipating snow and seeing it fall

Thick white flakes flying violently through the air,  quickly beginning to cover things on ground level

Anticipate no more!

Beautiful snow has arrived across the foothills of Eastern Tennessee


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