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Update: We’re Alive and Very Well!

Hello dear friends!
I wanted to send out a quick update and apologize – things since late September have been hectic, not as expected, and awe inspiring at once. Please know, we’re alive and very well! Understand, YHVH (The Almighty) is absolutely atop the mountain transforming lives!

To say that YHVH has moved mountains is an understatement. I have so much to share and it’ll happen across a handful of blog posts that I hope to begin writing this weekend. Have you ever heard the saying, “I am blessed and highly favored”…well, I have used that phrase, and meant it deeply, for the first time in recent weeks. There’s no other way to accurately describe what He has done in my life since September 23rd. But, at the same time, it is hard to say it aloud, for I witness so much around me that is heartbreaking. I’l be sharing more on that as well. Alas, it is now Shabbat and I am taking it!

In the meantime, I covet and greatly appreciate prayer for my physical state. I’m experiencing pain/inflammation in my left hip that is radiating through my whole leg and even causing numbness in my left hand (I never wrote about a hard landing I had on a boulder, while hiking over black ice, about a year ago). It’s hard to walk, even harder to sit and bend over.  It has been very bad for over a week; I pray daily for this pain to subside, for permanent healing. I have an appointment Monday morning with a functional physician here (where I’ve been planted) in NE Tennessee.

Thank you to all whom have prayed for me during this season – your prayers have kept my arms raised up and given me so much strength.

(About the photo…I was driving out to the North Carolina/Tennessee state line recently, on what has turned out to be a divine assignment. The sun was starting to set across the Appalachian Mountains and this sight literally made me pull over. I had to capture it.)


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