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POEM: Weeping as He Watches


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Tears from heaven
Tears fall like the manna dew
From within the broken heart
of The Creator of mankind

From the deep wells of His heart
Like waves that lap the sea shores;
gentle, sad tears
reach the eye rims of a soul
who hears and feels The Almighty move.

As He watches us deteriorate
farther away from Their usage”As the heart of mankind grows cold;
their light dims.
Even those whom Abba calls his own,
as with Israel of old
He desires to disown.

‘What shall I do with such a people’
is the question that burns through
the Spirit of The Living God

And, like Abraham and Moses there are those created
to intercede on behalf of fallen man.

Into a bitter cup
Rivers of broken love
Redemption alone can save
But will this generation let down their
enough, before it’s too late?

REPENT – I need your teshuva
REPENT – turn away from self
REPENT – and remember
I AM love
I AM Holy
I AM sovereign

(This poem was poured into the owner of this site on February 6, 2023.
Please do not copy without permission or a link back. Thank you!)

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