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Connecting the Dots of our Lives

God has blessed my life and entrusted me with some very special people for whom he wishes me to work and serve.  More and more, I feel He is trusting me with those in the body of Christ, therefore I must be growing up well, in His vision, for having received such rewards! Thank you, Lord Jesus for your amazing lovingkindness and patience in all areas of my life, amen.

When I am not writing/creating and working at a software company part-time, I provide freelance Marketing and PR for small businesses/individuals and artists.  At the end of last year, the Lord brought a special needs adult into my life and put me in a position to work for her benefit. I immediately recognized Christ fowing through her and perhaps that is what drew her to me, prompting her to ask me to oversee a project on her behalf.  Today, she connected me to one of her dearest friends, also a special needs adult, whom I quickly discovered is also a sister in Christ.

Before her friend realized I was a Believer, she had asked if I might also do some work on her behalf, however, I sensed trepidation. She mentioned God during the conversation and I agreed with her comment.  Once she realized who was sitting next to her,  she was praising the Lord, incessantly, and emphatically stated “you’re hired!”  I sat there in awe of our God and stating how infinite His reach is and how utterly amazing He is.  She was both beaming and teary eyed over the mystery of our connection.  (She went on to explain why she was hesitant upon bringing the topic up as she lives in New York City and said didn’t have much faith in the people she had approached to work on her behalf, to date.)

God knows how to connect the dots of our lives.  He knows exactly when and where to connect us to others with whom we will work for His glory; we just have to be aware and open to letting him work.  Every day I find that the more I open my being up to hearing from and seeing God, in everything, the more He shows himself to me.  I didn’t walk into the meeting today having any clue who I was about to meet or how God was about to move.  We could not help but sit and praise him, over and over, for opening the door – for using a common thread to bring us together for HIS good and to further His plan for our lives.

These are two young, beautiful creative women who God  created; whose disabilities he uses to for his purpose and they know this.  He has graced my life with them and for this example of his love and glory, I am ever grateful.  For the simple fact God is entrusting me with their hearts, trust and livelihoods, I am humbled and amazed.  I definitely do not feel worthy but He knows I will do all I can to ensure their needs are met and will do so in a Christ-like manner: with love, grace and honor.

I am so looking forward to the day I can introduce my readership to both of these amazing women!  Prepare yourselves – you’ll be as touched by them as I have been.

Now go out into the world, be a blessing and be blessed!



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