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Book review: C Through Marriage

Cover Art: C Through Marriage...Revitalizing Your Marriage
Cover Art: C Through Marriage…Revitalizing Your Marriage

In Jim Hughes’ C Through Marriage – Revitalizing Your Marriage, you’ll find a frank observation on what marriage should look like.  Hughes uses real life examples of issues that couples face, sometimes before they even say ‘I do’.   Hughes, who has been married for 35-years and ministers to couples considering marriage.

I am not married but am hopeful. I am however surrounded by friends who are happily married, yet I know they face very real issues.  C Through Marriage is definitely a resource I would feel comfortable passing on to others. I say this because there is no judgment passed and the writing doesn’t really feel like advice, more like a friend sharing.

Hughes titled the book as such due to his unique approach to topics: all chapters begin with a ‘C’ word: Creativity, Covenant, 3 chapters on Charity, Change, Character and many more.

The book reads well and quickly; I found it useful enough, so that I didn’t dwell on the formatting errors (I believe perhaps there was a formatting vs. printing issue going on).  My favorite section was probably, Community.  The one word that bothered me through out was “complete”…as in “you complete me.”  However, after several uses of the word we finally stumble upon his definition and I found peace over his use of it. (See the chapter entitled, Completeness.)

If you are looking for a friendly way to give someone or yourself a marial pick-me-up, pick up a copy of C Through Marriage. 

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Author, Jim Hughes
Author, Jim Hughes


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