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Songs for God

The Author    I have been writing poetry most of my life. My work has gone through a beautiful transition in the past few years.  Instead of being inspired mostly by pain, it is now inspired by how God moves in and through my life, my heart and the world around me. I don’t share it often, mainly because I am working toward getting it published (slow process for me)…but I wrote one a couple of days ago I shared on Facebook so thought to also share it here.

If you enjoy it, please let me know, for I need and am very open to feedback.  Thank you in advance and I pray you enjoy or receive something from it.

I am often inspired by rain…

{Untitled} by Stacey R. Louiso

The wind whipping around, through the palms…tossing the clouds, finally giving way to rain.

As dark sets in the eyes can see less of the effect.

Lift your face – go ahead, tilt it up – let it fall upon you, filling up space.

Embrace the feel of God’s love, cascading down – nourishing, cleansing, growing – opening up the sky in order to open up the ground.

Reap the gifts He offers.

Tend the seeds He sows.

Grow His love; cup it in your hands and spread it all around.



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