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Book Review: Four Given by Malo Bel



I had no idea what to expect upon opening the virtual cover of Four Given by Malo Bel. What I found, from the first paragraph, compelled me forth until the very last syllable.  In fact when I read the last line, I kept trying to scroll the page to find more text! But alas, every good book concludes and most good authors, know where and how to end it.  Mr. Bel, did this well.

I read Four Given in one sitting, despite having a few qualms with it, which were probably (hopefully) ebook, formatting issues such as missing or forgotten quotes, omitted words and the lack of page numbers. But otherwise, I was hooked! Mr. Bel’s ability to spin this tale was astonishing.  I am going to say this out loud because I have experienced it and because I believe a lot of my audience consists of fellow Christians: this work was an anointing. The story resonates something very special on a spiritual level. I found that prospect, exciting!

Vibrant isn’t a strong enough word to describe the illustrations depicted of the main character’s experiences of meeting and walking with Yesh (who is actually…well, Yesh is a good clue as to who…).  His descriptive allusions of place, whether real or in Bel’s mind, were vivid yet tranquil; joyful yet full of parables, as Yesh put Bel to the test, so to speak, in order to teach him the important lessons needed, in order to further his scope and walk toward a God centered life.

At first, I was unable to decipher if this work is fiction or non-fiction and perhaps it is meant to be as such. No matter the genre, the plot twists and outcomes are cryptic, gripping and the ending, unexpected yet realistic. There is a truth in the emotional portrayals playing out, from betrayal to forgiveness to understanding, hence all roads leading to God. The book reads so well, so quickly that it was like a film reel for me, with the action leading from scene to scene.

To not give away much more, I shall stop with this statement: Malo Bel, whomever you are, I pray you’re anointed fingers keep tapping away at the keyboard and that God keeps moving stories through you, for years to come. You have gained a fan…and I’m probably not alone!  Kudos, sir!

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