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Experiencing Philippians 4:13

photo by S. louiso


For many years of my life I thought I was the only person I could rely on to ensure that things went the way I thought they should go, to get them done and done right, I relied on virtually no one else in life, for any help. I always had tenacity and brain power to back me up. Then a new season came when little I did proved fruitful. Those tools I’d always used to get by or persevere, no longer worked. It seemed as though I had lost my “magic” touch in life…

Today (and I do mean quite literally today, plus for the past 4 years) I have come full circle. My life is peaceful – I have a renewed spirit and outlook; it is once again fruitful and the strength I once possessed, to face all life handed to me, has been reinforced, threefold.

The difference between my life now, and before, lies in this one scripture: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

There is no greater testament to this than what my life has looked like for the past two weeks. The knowledge I’ve needed, and received, to successfully maneuver the tasks at had, were definitely NOT of my own accord. Thus proving to me that “ask and ye shall receive” is a very true statement when one is walking this walk with the Lord.


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