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Book Review: Win No Matter What

WNMW_frcoverWin No Matter What: A Guide to Hyping Up Your Life, by Nihar Suthar is a short read that says a lot. The young author, a college student who is also already an entrepreneur, describes what the reader will sense, as a life practice.  The book gives practical yet authentic guidance, geared toward Gen Y, but that can really be applied to the lives of those of any age. As I read I felt that there were things written in here that only those about 20 years my junior might relate to. (When asked about his target audience, Suthar confirmed this to the positive.)

There are practices and attitudes implied that, from life experience, I disagree with, but the idea behind the book is a good one: Suthar made a conscious decision to make his own life more positive; he is honest in his assessment that the constant information overload that especially those in his generation, is not necessarily a good thing. The examples he paints on living life to its fullest and to basically take the “bull by the horns.”

One thing I didn’t like about this particular work was the overuse of quotes taken from outside sources. I realize the author may have thought including so many accounts may have backed up his hypothesis, but for me, it took away from the message. Maybe they could have been used in a different way, as it felt like filler. Like a term paper where the student ran out of time or research material and just filled it in with quotes that could support the thesis.

But, it’s a good effort and I think it is great that this young man wants to make such a positive impact on the world and uses himself as the example to be set. That takes courage.

To find out more about Nihar Suthar, or to purchase this book, you can visit the following websites:



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