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“Acts” (A poem)

What is an act or gesture if there is nothing behind it?



Without a sacrifice of time…
Without giving of oneself in a way that is needed or meaningful to another.
Words, as you state, do not always relay love…
But neither do acts without giving up of self.
So ask yourself…
What is it that would mean the most, show one’s dedication the best and speak more loudly
To beloved, brethren or family?
Not those things you are willing to do, but those things, which you are not. 

~ S. Louiso, April 2013

Trail of Kindness

Tonight I watched a sermon that drove the message of this poem home, in a unique way. The sermon was from Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. It is not Louie Giglio but someone named Ben (perhaps an Associate Pastor – I couldn’t find out as they offer little detail on their website as to staff and who’s delivering sermons).  

1 thought on ““Acts” (A poem)”

  1. You are an ‘acting’ writer, in the sense that you let this poem show the essence of ‘acting’ over saying.
    Indeed, we cannot love untill we let go the will or desire of self.

    Oftentimes, we put our love in words; but words or simply, things we say should be testimony to what we do. Love only have meaning when it come clear enough in words that is directly pointing to our act of love.

    The poem also carry the importance of sacrifice, which is like verb to love. Will check others in the morning


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