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New Ageisms

(Disclaimer: I’m unsure why God decided to use me for the following message, I simply yield. I have friends and acquaintances who participate in other spiritual practices and all I can do is pray for the veil to fall from their eyes. God doesn’t seem to care whose feathers he ruffles…it’s my duty to allow Him to use me as His vessel.)

They glow as though they are close to God, yet beneath it all there lies not, truth nor peace. They seek God only for happiness (joy in their terms) and love, yet do not dig too deep; they are in arrested development for they will never completely mature in their journey. Perhaps that is the deceptive disguise – they seek only what benefits them, never what benefits God. Never supplied with the true fruits of a life lived in the ONE Spirit they need to embrace; to actually taste His love, His presence, ’till it’s bone chilling.

Do they care that they may never be elevated higher than that mountain on which their Buddha sits. Their spirit, damned, when they cease to exist. The One true God will not compete, instead – ye who only test the waters with your feet – shall know defeat. Being left behind and subjected to His wrath – left behind – on your “spiritual” path.

If you believe you can seek both Christ and other gods, you believe falsely. Again, God will not compete with lessor gods.*  Your chantings are incomplete. They reach the ceiling and that is where they peak; never reaching the ears of the God you claim to seek. Read your scripture, know what it states, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (St. John 14:6 KJV) Make no mistake…without Jesus, your life is at stake.


*Scripture reference: James 1:6-8.

1 thought on “New Ageisms”

  1. Continue on, “For I am a jealous god”.
    Some will be offended, and that is sad.
    But, that is what this forum is for.
    You might just happen upon a truth hidden somewhere. Keep up your faith, and ask questions. How did the apostle paul figure out so much of what we now believe?
    He asked questions, of himself, others, and god.


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