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Showing You He, Who Sits on the Throne…

On those days, and in those moments, where God shows you who is on the throne…If you are a Believer and do not stand there, in awe – reveling in His power and glory…you may need to examine your walk!

For it is in these moments He is not only showing you what he intends for you, He is expecting you to obey and surrender all. For if you don’t, you may as well be spitting into the face of the Almighty and embracing the devil. (Please don’t blame God if things start to go very wrong from that point on.)

From experiencing those moments where he exerts His will into your life, in an unexpected way, as to keep you on the path he planned for you, before you were born, comes understanding: He will always show you why – sometimes immediately, sometimes later – you just have to be open to hearing or seeing it. Signs and wonders…and sometimes they are IN YOUR FACE moments.

You can never be fully prepared for when He moves but when he does move in this way, you will certainly recognize it if your walk is strong. Conviction doesn’t hurt but it does sometimes sting a bit. (Hint: It’s often in conjunction with prayer or situations where you’re holding onto something you need to let go of.)


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