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Now, Back in His Holy Presence

In case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted for a while…blame it on work. Over-working. Working so much it was against God’s will. (I have a job other than writing, in fact for the past few months, I’ve held 2.) How do I know? He showed me, that’s how.

I knew too.

I was complaining to myself (which of course HE hears) that I needed to figure something out because I had very little time for Him, which doesn’t sit well with either of us. I kept feeling Him nagging me to do what was put before me to further the Kingdom…yet, I could never seem to find a spare moment. It was so bad that a couple of weeks ago, after arriving at church for choir rehearsal (which is in the sanctuary), and sitting down to open my music – I suddenly sensed His presence. This, after being in prayer for a release from the ongoing tension and exhaustion I felt stuck in, as well as missing Him…my comforter was there! Tears began to tease my eye lids so I sort of covered them from view while I waited to see what God would do.

There He was: embracing me in my moment of need and telling me that He knew I needed him. He missed me too and was showing me he had never left my side. Oh, how I needed this moment of reassurance and touch of His glorious love!

After that night, I knew in my spirit, something had to change. I wasn’t my normal self at all. The enemy of this earth was coming against me hard and fast, filling me with self-doubt and anxiety. Neither of these things are of the Lord; I recognize an ungodly thing when I see, or am in the midst of it. In all of this, I thought I knew what the solution was.  Was I ever wrong!

As you’ll see from the post at the link here –>  (an earlier piece) God showed me! Long story short, I was holding on to something I wanted and enjoyed doing (my part-time job mostly writing/editing copy and managing social media), believing I was supposed to give up something else. He waved his mighty hand over my life and poof!! In an unforeseen instant, changed my path. I was completely awestruck by this occurrence! Still a bit flabbergasted days later…

He didn’t waste any time to show me why He took away this job. I had been on a path that had become diverted, time and time again..and HE was tired of it happening.  I was just plain tired.

After looking back on that entire day, I completely understood the battle that had been waging in my body, and home, the nearly 20 hours prior to this moment. The enemy didn’t want me to have the strength and energy to make it to church that day, but I went. The enemy didn’t want me to hear the amazing message our pastor had in store for us as it contained a word, a reminder from God to me, to get back on track. To obey and surrender all…despite efforts to derail me, I heard it loud and clear!  The enemy didn’t want me to experience the power of the Holy Spirit moving during that first morning service, as it was something I had been waiting and waiting for. But because the Lord fights my battles, He was victorious for me that day.

Score another one for the Kingdom, AMEN!

So now what? What is this plan God has; how will he be using me to advance the Kingdom?  Stay tuned to find out…



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