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Damascus Road Moments

WOW… Wonder of Wonders. My LORD you ARE a force to behold and reckon with. Words will not pay due homage to what you laid before me this day. The way you moved through two lives, simultaneously, boiling down to utterly unbelievable confirmation regardless of time, place and space. If I had never before been in awe of your omnipotence – TODAY would have been the day for it (and is). I give you praise and glory…on my knees and on my feet…for striking down in a lightening bolt of LOVE, GRACE and MERCY in the life of a person who needs you so! For privileging me to bear witness. Nothing NOTHING compares to you. Hallelujah! Amen and Amen. Thank you Jesus.

For the past several months, God has been using me in a way in which I was not always comfortable, nor did I find it easy.  But who are we to deny him access to us, when we owe Him so much; our lives in fact. During this time I also received confirmation, on several levels, that there was a greater purpose than I could fathom, for what God was doing in this person’s life, through me.  To a non-believer, or even to a Christian whose walk is loose, what was being asked of me may seem to be an insane attempt at interfering in someone’s life; but to a person, such as myself, whose very being depends on God, it is life or death: Sustenance for the other person, whether they recognize it or not. 

The amazing ways in which our Lord, Jesus, directs us and keeps us on his intended path is sometimes painful but the outcome more often than not, beautiful. That is the case in this scenario. There were many moments in this journey, where I simply wanted to abandon the mission due to what I personally endured carrying it out. God fortunately showed me the end results, blowing my mind as to what the promise was, if I just stuck by this person’s side. There was a lesson and a test in this for me, and a heart change for the other person that would affect their entire life. 

The test for me was one I understood, after some meditation, as very deep and personal. I stared at something not new to me when sizing up the situation. I had faced this before but I think God was refining me through it, to be certain I could handle the end result.

I knew that the person was open to what I was sharing, it just was not reaching their heart. On top of all of it, I was being affected emotionally for this person’s choices as time went by. There were quite a few times where I had to simply stop being proactive and give this person up to God and let Him work in their heart for a while, without me. Often, I would not hear from them for days, or even a week or more, afterward. I was able to remove myself on an emotional level during the periods of silence; thus allowing me to persevere on behalf of our Lord. 

Being a Spirit led vessel was all I could relent to. I didn’t want to continually experience the hurt and disappointment this person’s choices were bringing into my life, so I stayed in constant prayer and asked someone close to me to intercede as well. Fact of the matter is, I often asked to be released. However, God kept insisting that I deny my flesh by not giving up on the mission. He kept pouring and pouring into me, wisdom and knowledge, to help me understand the person and what they had walked through. Often, he would give me a Word or scripture, a sermon, or a flood of words to be used on my blog: all to reach this person’s heart. 

Just when I started to truly wonder if this would be a fruitless outpouring of time, energy and love…just when I was at my emotional end, God stepped in. His labour of love, through me, had come to a head: For God showed himself mightily to this person recently. It was their very own Damascus Road moment: God hadn’t just been using me but had also, unbeknownst to me (seeing this person lives a thousand miles away), had been slowly breaking this person down in undeniable ways to get them exactly where He needed. Doing so in order to bring them over the mountain peak, safely to the other side, and into submission. 

If that alone were not miraculous enough, God then led this person to call me in the midst of it all, while simultaneously imparting on my heart, some potent words to speak, for which I was in prayer for confirmation they were indeed of Him. Moments later, my phone rang and it was them; if that is not delivering confirmation, I don’t know what is…

Now, merely twenty-four hours later, a new creation albeit a battered one, has come to life. Moved by the Spirit of God and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (whom they had accepted years prior) to take up the cross and be led and used, this person is now also an open vessel: The Potter’s Clay. But don’t take my word for it…you can read for yourself by clicking on the link below. (The opening statement of this post was written moments after we first hung up the phone, in praise of God for showing himself so mightily that day and in this life.)

If you are a praying person, I request that you lift this life up to God for strength to carry forth in good will and an open heart. Amen!

2 thoughts on “Damascus Road Moments”

  1. Stacey: Through you, and by him – I see God as amazing, and not a maze. I do not sense a purpose anymore – now I see it. I did not feel worthy – Now I am priceless. I was well beyond lost, now I want to lead. The pieces of the puzzle that have placed your life and mine together will remain part of a testament, and my testimony that God is miraculous, that He wants his Children to be happy, and together. That we will always be able to share this amazing and for me, beyond words experience, will forever resonate in my Love for him and you.


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