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Creative Calling: To Love…

{With intention of utilizing this blog as an extension of the ministry placed on my heart, The Potter’s Clay Cafe, I begin including more posts/shards of His wisdom, for those creative souls out there.}

Our Creative Calling:

First and foremost, to show His LOVE (agape!!)

We are called to do more than create, we are called to propagate His love to all in our midst! He (and we) uses our experiences to give us vision to create on behalf of the Kingdom. The Holy Spirit will draw out an experience we’ve walked through and shed light, in order to heal. He will use this as a catalyst for creativity, regardless, for that is how we were sculpted in the womb.

As creative souls who walk with Jesus, we are called to live in a way that is unashamed of our pasts, flaws AND our love for the Lord, to touch and move others to action.

This is our calling!

The message below is insight for both spiritual and individual growth. (Click on the image for a fuller, more clear view.) It teaches us that even if we are the one’s hurting, we need to show compassion to those who are inflicting it, for they are usually hurting, confused, in the dark…so we love them through it, regardless. Sometimes the only way to do that is through prayer and showing them grace. Love, even if it is from a distance, ministers to the hearts of people.

BiH-lovemsg copy


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