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Book review: Tillie and Clementine Noises in the Night – Dan Killeen

This is a review of the short illustrated children’s book Tillie and Clementine – Noises in the Night by Dan Killeen. I don’t normally review children’s literature but made an exception in this instance.

Tillie & Clem Noises  cover


Tillie and Clementine are sisters who are home alone with their dad one night when mom goes to a meeting; what ensues after they go to sleep is a cute and fun tale of “be careful what you tell your kids.” At bedtime, dad makes up a story about two brave princesses who end up having to defend the castle…little did he or the girls know what would happen to them all later that night.

I liked that the story encouraged bravery, enjoyed the imaginative way the lesson was taught and that is was put into action. The illustrations are vibrant and happy, even in the moments of pending danger and suspense. I would definitely recommend Tillie and Clementine – Noises in the Night to moms and dads out there! The book is 30 pages of fun!

You can learn more at where there is more on this book and other works by Killeen.


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