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Intimate Time with God – Part 1

A Time to Break Down…

The intimate way in which God knows me is absolutely humbling! He journey’s with me so closely in this life and it surprises me still how well he knows my smallest quirks. He knows better than anyone what will put a smile on my face or grab my attention, and I can only say it fills my cup to no end.

At the moment, I am sitting in solitude at the place where my Lord called me back into His fold. He knew from the moment I said, ‘Yes, Lord’, how important Stillmeadows would be to my walk, especially in times where I needed rest or to truly sit in stillness with Him. In the deep woods of Georgia, God planted an old friend and her husband on a beautiful piece of land where His presence is undeniable. This is where God has sent me for the week. He orchestrated it so I had time off work and that these same friends would bless me with travel expenses to make the 9-hour trek, with fur baby in tow.

I wake up pretty early these days and being here is no exception. On my second day at Stillmeadows (the first spent asleep after driving all night), as I awaited my friend’s presence, I sat outside on their huge deck. The early morning dew, still thick in the sunlight, was keeping the heat and humidity at bay. Through it I could hear the cock-a-doodle-doo’s of what seemed to be every rooster within a five-mile radius. It was amusing and amazing at once, hearing God’s creation all on the same timetable. As the rooster’s greetings echoed through the air I reveled in Him. He must have known I needed a sign that He was near me on this fine morning, and in my utter fatigue yet excitement for the coming day, He strummed my heartstrings with the day’s first call to life.

After the roosters settled a bit I pulled my Bible into my chest, over my heart, and asked my Abba to speak to me through his word. “What do you want me to receive from you today?” I asked. I heard Genesis 2, so I went there. I knew these verses were about God’s creation and how He charged man with overseeing the fowl of the sky and creatures of the land and sea. He was telling me what the day had in store…soaking me in nature so I could see His glory all around me. Intimate time with God…my favorite way to pass the moments!


Further experiencing Genesis 2…

Mid-morning we took off for a hike. I had taken this hiking trail once before with a different friend, several years prior. It was exciting to explore this long trail (nearly 7 miles) and see what was now different. In the last venture down this path, it was hot and dry, but today the canopy of treetops shielded us from the approaching heat. Small waterfalls along the way were overflowing with clear water and the streams generated coolness from the mountain water flowing down the foothills.

This has been a strange year for me – somewhat concerning – as my normal steady footing, has betrayed me. I’d fallen out in the yard a couple of times, once leading to a concussion. I’ve hiked plenty this past year and never lost my footing but yesterday…well, I fell twice and nearly a third time. I’m attributing this mostly to wearing the wrong shoes (sneakers instead of boots) but wondered internally if it is something more. I began to experience some discomfort in my left knee, and as the day went on it worsened. I walked gingerly on it as not to further aggravate any injury!

After a little rest and a much-needed shower, I joined my friends on their deck. There are cabins at Stillmeadows and they were hosting the family of a Veteran they’d placed a therapy dog with, who’d come to stay in one of the cabins on their property for a few days. (I was blessed to be staying in the other cabin.) God provided for a lovely cookout. I was amazed when I tried a food I never expected I’d enjoy the taste of: fresh venison sausage! (Sorry Bambi but you tasted darn good!) We had a wonderful time relaxing and talking over the scrumptious dinner.

Dusk was setting in fast but us ladies decided to have a row on the pond. Thankfully we’d taken precaution to apply bug spray because oh-my-goodness the flying critters were out in droves! We looked at one another and had to laugh over the clouds of gnats and other winged things convening around our heads. As we did a few turns around the pond, the frogs and toads began to play their evening symphony, although one of the dogs decided to torment a musical guests so it couldn’t reach the water. It was a bit comical but I felt bad for Mr. Toad!

His ways are higher than my own…

It was getting late so we all said our good nights and went to our respective living quarters. I was exhausted but decided I needed to nurse that knee; I treated it with arnica gel, ice and elevation. I prayed over the ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles as I turned in, hoping for overnight healing so I’d be ready for the coming day.

But, God knows me well, and I presume he wanted to slow me down for a day or so. Otherwise, I would have gone out doing what I do while here (walking, jogging, exploring) as soon as the light of day shone itself on my face. Alas, I realized after a feeble attempt taking the dog for a walk in the yard, I wasn’t climbing any hills this fine day: I was in for a day of sitting in intimate time with God!

I felt led to move my books, tea and the dog out onto the deck off the side of the cabin. My view was inspiring as always, as the old, tall pine and oak trees of the property shielded the sun’s heat from touching me; the leaves protected me overhead while providing a picturesque canopy. I journeyed into the Bible, then read for a bit in Nurture by Lisa Bevere and relaxed for most of the morning (something I don’t do easily).


As I said, my Abba knows me intimately and today he knew what I needed much more than I did – to rest in Him and to rest my weary self. His thoughts are higher than my own, for certain!

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