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Book Reviews: Dwindling Down to the End!

Dear readers, authors and publisher/PR rep’s:

The Lord is leading me in a direction away from reviewing books on this blog. It has simply become too much for me with all else I do between work, commuting, ministry and pursing publishing opportunities for my own writing, which seems is His priority. The pile of books I’ve received in the past 8-10 months has dwindled down to 4. One of these I am have nearly completed and in prayer about the words God wants me to share in the review. Another I am in the midst of reading.

If you submitted a book to me for review, I thank you; however, please note that I chose not to review several because the Holy Spirit would not allow it. In a couple of cases there was something about the book that went against scripture and I simply couldn’t endorse it. In other cases the book sent is outside what I would normally review and didn’t feel led to give attention to.

One case the topic became too personal and hit close to home so do not believe I could offer an unbiased review. I enjoyed reading On the Primitive Way: Two Texan Brothers’ Journey to Santiago de Compostela by Landon Roussel. Please consider it in future purchases. It’s a touching story about family and how addiction can both bring people together and tear them apart. If you read my blog you’ll understand why offering a review for this book would have been difficult. My apologies to Landon Roussel!

That being said, below is a preview list of coming reviews that I am positive I’ll be offering:

Wheel of Wisdom by Tim & Debbie Bishop (this one is written but I am awaiting a response to a question posed to the authors)

Overcoming Spiritual Vertigo The Journey from Doubt to Courageous Faith / by Dwayne E. Mercer (Christian non-fiction)

Joy Redefined / by Teresa Slack (Christian suspense, fiction)

Stirring Li Chao / by S.E. Brandenburg  (Historical fiction – Chinese Christian uprising)

I may possibly review the following: 

6 Pairs of Sandals Yesterday’s Footsteps and Today’s Women’s Ministry / by Dr. Deborah Waterbury (Christian non-fiction)

The Broken Way A Daring Path into the Abundant Life / by Ann Voskamp (Christian non-fiction / I purchased this book; a review was not requested by the author or Publishing/PR company as with the others. I may just choose to read this for pleasure/self since it’s been a LONG time I’ve been able to simply enjoy a book! Regardless, from what I’ve read and heard thus far, it’s worth mentioning.)

PLEASE NOTE: All coming reviews will take time to get to! I have been chalking out more time to read and hope to continue on this path. Thank you for understanding!

Be blessed,



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