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Book Review: Wheels of Wisdom by Tim and Debbie Bishop


It was a privilege to ride along the roads of life with the Bishop’s in Wheels of Wisdom: Life Lessons for the Restless Spirit! I thoroughly enjoyed such a fresh approach to sharing the gospel. Their view of the world on two wheels gave a unique perspective of how God makes his presence known; how He can grow and use people in any setting, and knit people together when they are working cohesively toward a goal. I see many bicyclists trekking along roadways and often wonder why…the Bishop’s story both opened my eyes to understanding why people choose this mode of transportation and gained my respect at once. I pray that as they continue to journey through life on two wheels they will be blessed, covered by God’s travel mercies, and that their own eyes (and hearts) are acutely aware of their surroundings and God’s purpose for each milestone they reach and the paths crossed…

This short review was sent to Tim Bishop in January of 2016. The book underwent some editing and publishing changes after that time so I was asked to hold off on posting. When the time came for the official launch of the book, time restraints didn’t permit me to upload this blurb or write a more extensive review. Tim actually requested use of what I offered to appear in the print and e-book versions of Wheels of Wisdom.

The Bishop’s also see their bike treks as a form of ministry, not only to one another as a married couple, but to other riders and those they meet along the routes they are led to. They also often ride in support of an organization called The Hope Line. In 2014, Tim and Debbie bicycled self-supported across America raising over $30,000 for The Hope Line, which helps young people with life’s issues.

Wheels of Wisdom truly is a fun and enlightening read. It is well written and flows like, well, a bike ride should. Up and down hills and over a bit of rough terrain. It’s a tale of learning about oneself, ones mate and the bouncy road of life all bundled into a reading adventure, and not solely for bike riders!

You can find Wheels of Wisdom, and other books co-authored by the Bishop’s online at:



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