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Taking God’s Burden for ONE Soul

The event below transpired over the weekend of July 2, 2017…

I was led to give away the Bible I was gifted in early 2015 over the weekend…

You see…the gorgeous photo below of the misty mountains isn’t a vacation photo. I was sent to Clay County, Kentucky by the Lord, once again, on a mission for Him. Although, I didn’t realize that it was an immediate mission until the day after I arrived, and my spirit was all up in arms – burdened over ONE particular soul. One lost sheep God desired to bestow his love upon.

The property God kept leading me to and giving me a “future” vision ministering to those in need of His love, was not exactly as it seemed in the natural… Why? Because Jesus and the Holy Spirit work in the supernatural. I wasn’t wrong about the context of the vision, I was simply unable to see God’s actual plan and that’s okay! Why? He sees the big picture but I (we) only see what He needs me to see in order to set his plan in motion.

The Lord provided me a purpose for the property, in order to help me build a relationship with the ONE he wants. This purpose was business in both the spiritual and the natural. This business allowed me access to this person and when the time was right, I began to understand my unrest as Jesus’s heart being burdened…then, God revealed all to me.

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds…” (2 Corinthians 10:3-4)

I was led to be a witness for Christ, to a man whom God knows is living a life very far from Him. But God loves him still. The way the Holy Spirit led this was beautiful – he utilized my gift of writing and penned this man a note soaked in God’s love for him. I was told to leave it tucked into the band that wound around my most prized possession and gift it to Bill. I was to leave it in my cabin for him to find after I departed.

I prayed, and shed tears, for this man’s soul as I pulled away that Sunday afternoon. Ironically, the prayer request that kept escaping my lips the week prior was simply for people in Clay County, whose acquaintances I made, to only see Christ in me…certainly not expecting this outcome!

Please pray for Bill, that he will not only give Jesus a place in his heart…but also become Light to others lost in similar ways!

Jesus, I praise you…I am so not worthy, yet beyond blessed to be called and sent by You!  I am deeply honored and humbled to serve such an awesome and magnanimous God! A God of vision and of hope; a God of intricate detail. Please Lord send others who will sow the seed planted within Bill’s mind, so You can reap a harvest!

On the top photo, if you cannot read the text it says:

“It’s amazing how much is reflected within a single drop of water…As much love reflects from a drop of Jesus’s blood.” (Stacey Louiso 7/1/17)

As I was studying the angles at which I could capture that ONE drop of water, this statement was imparted in my mind…it was more prophetic than I realized in the moment!



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