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The Excruciating Pain Jesus Christ Endured on the Cross


No pain I could ever be in, could compare to the excruciating pain of the man named Jesus Christ who hung on the cross. Taking upon him as he died, the weight of every person’s sin from that moment till eternity.

Today, Christians around the world celebrate that risen man. One who was wholly God and wholly man, incarnate…and the FACT he overcame the grave and rose again. This was not to prove a point other than how mighty God is, and that His promises are good. That the cross represented both death and life, in that order.

He is a God of miracles but more so a God of Truth. Jesus died to defy sin and rose again to live within those willing to be crucified along with him, so they too could rise up from the death sin produces in our souls. Sin which separates us from God, from living life as abundantly as we were created for. Free from bondage. Kingdom minded.

I sat here thanking Jesus and God for the pain I’m enduring in my knee because it could never compare to the pain of the cross. It reminded me of how his own pain produced something extraordinary in the lives of so many. That pain has a purpose. I was reminded yesterday how Pain also comes while we are healing.

The throbbing pain in my knee ceased as I wrote this, as before I began to write I thanked Him for this pain because I expected it is part of God’s miraculous healing occurring …this shows me the purpose of the pain served as a reminder of Christ’s and God’s sacrifice for us all.

He IS risen…forever!


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