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Jehovah Rapha – The LORD Your Healer

April 9, 2018:

My confidence is in the LORD, in all things. Over the course of the past two weeks my dependency upon Jehovah Rapha – the LORD my (and your) healer – has been great. There was a sudden issue with my left knee that was quite debilitating; this same knee has been injured over and over again, spanning the past 30 or so years. This issue came out of nowhere and since I’m still in the first 90 days of a new job, my health insurance has yet to take effect. (Not that I would really use the insurance, but it’s offered as a benefit.) My knee was, to say the least, not cooperating – one Friday it swelled up 3 times the normal size and in a couple of days, I could not bend or put pressure on it.

I took precaution that first weekend firstly, by praying over it and entrusting the condition to God; also, by icing, elevating it and taking acetaminophen for swelling. Unfortunately, I could not completely stay off of the knee because I live alone and have a dog that requires taking out, on a leash, several times a day (plus, being a young dog, he expects me to play with him).  Then, the following Monday morning, I awoke with a chest cold that escalated through the week to come. I was a tad bit of a mess, to say the least. 

The knee seemed to get better, but then got irritated all over again and was actually painful (which it had not been to that point). I received prayer at church that second Sunday of the issue and was expectant that the LORD would heal it. In the coming days, I could literally feel Him performing reconstructive surgery on my left knee. It was immensely better, however, my range of motion was gone – so, I prayed specifically by taking authority over the knee and asking God to return the knee’s range of motion and commanding the knee to receive the healing.  Again, I could feel the “surgery” being performed on my knee, supernaturally.  By yesterday (Sunday) I was thrilled to walk into church and proclaim the healing that has transpired in my knee and be a witness to THE Great Physician, amen! 

“And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.” (Mark 5:34)

I felt I was to wait until today to share this witness publicly.  The irony –  knowing i’d be sitting in a hospital today as my mother undergoes shoulder surgery. I pray one day she might share in my faith, that the many physical ailments she suffers would be healed by Jehovah Rapha, and not simply masked by a bunch of prescriptions and doctor visit after doctor visit (I’m not knocking doctor’s but I know there is a greater way to heal and have spoken it to her, shared the stories of how He heals me and others, in hope…) 

This day, April 9th, began somewhat crazy: At about 1:00am I was awakened from a deep sleep by the sound of crackling in my apartment. I had the crock pot on, cooking split pea soup, and thought perhaps it had dried up so went to the kitchen. It wasn’t the crock pot but the outlet it was plugged into, crackling. I quickly unplugged it, but the noise continued for a bit. Talk about a reason to be nervous! I prayed for protection over my apartment, the noise subsided, and thankfully fell back to sleep. 

Then, shortly after arising and beginning to get ready to leave the house, the dog vomited – twice! He has digestive issues and they were apparently flaring up. After getting all of that cleaned up, I checked my Facebook because a friend had been heavy on my heart the entire weekend and I knew something was not right – and, sadly, I immediately spotted a message from his wife stating he (who is only in his late 30’s) had suffered a heart attack over the weekend. My heart sank! This news made me so sad. The chaos of the morning, in turn, had me in a nervous state. The fact my mom was having surgery and I was nervous about that, concerned me. 

I’m sitting at the hospital as I type this. I have calmed down. That too is the LORD’s healing and comforting hand upon me. This is not the first time and I’m positive it won’t be the last, He has laid his hand upon me and taken infirmity from my body. There is nothing more I desire to do today than share my testimony of healing, of how God wants us to be whole. (I’m thankful to have some time do focus on Him today.) To share that the LORD loves us enough to heal – without drugs, without a doctor, but by faith alone. I could never express my joy, gratitude or belief well enough – on a page – to help you understand how it feels to receive divine healing.  

A friend at church inquired about my knee yesterday and my words were, “God has been performing reconstructive surgery on my knee this week” as I jumped up in the air. I could not have safely maneuvered  that a week prior! 

How GREAT is our God to show us his glory through such creative miracles

And besought him that they might only touch the hem of his garment: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole. (Matthew 14:36)


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