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My Recent Guest Appearance on the Parker J. Cole Podcast

On February 5th (2019) I had the privilege of being a guest on the Parker J. Cole (Write Stuff) podcast. It had been planned since last fall and I apologize for not posting about it here sooner. To be honest, I had the date incorrect on my calendar and that is why there wasn’t mentioned of it prior to the event.

It was a really great hour of being interviewed by the lovely Parker who always asks intelligent yet probing questions. It is a broadcast which focuses on Christian authors, but also Christians who provide services for writers or are in ministry. She and I both received wonderful comments from some of the listeners, and it was a quite humbling experience to know that people were interested in hearing about my book and testimony. Not only those topics though; Parker asked some really great questions about vulnerability and I felt comfortable being as transparent always.

She has asked that I return to the show again in the future (Yay, God!) but nothing is on the calendar yet. I was so honored to be asked. If you have not experienced Parker’s show, I recommend it. You never know what people are going to testify or what slant they’ll have on God’s Word. The atmosphere is energetic and positive, always!

If you would like to listen to the podcast episode I appeared on you can do so by clicking either the link or the player below. I’ll be certain to keep you better informed going forward (apologies again). Be blessed to be a blessing everyone! Let’s be certain to love our neighbors as we love ourselves during this trying time in the world. I am ever grateful for my Lord Jesus Christ’s presence in my life!–write-stuff–252019?fbclid=IwAR32LNRbjN-F8DGZiRuK_c3N8256St5paz5DtFDnXcmdX7FtDedARASH4oI



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