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Why I Broke Up with Facebook

Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry.

(1 Corinthians 10:14)

At the beginning of August (2019) I broke up with Facebook after trying to break free from the social media site,  for nearly two years. This decision was backed by a plethora of reasons. I realize it  is a very counter cultural thing to do but I don’t know if I’ll be able to fully express how liberating it has been.  What was it about Facebook that made it so hard to drop? The actual relationships I had formed that took flight off of the internet and into reality are  precious to me. I’m also an information junkie, so it was a great aggregator.

Thankfully,  those whom have become real-life friends understand and respect this decision. Some since confessed they are inspired by it!

Reasons Why…

You may be wondering what finally moved me off of Facebook (at least on a personal level – more on that later). It’s a short but important list that may only be meaningful to me, but I felt  I am supposed to share in order to help others break free if they too are struggling to let it go.

  1. Bondage: I do not want to be bound up by anything, and felt that over the last 5-6 years (I joined in its infancy in I believe 2008), bondage is exactly what Facebook had become. Truth be told, whether you want to admit it or not, social media can become an addiction. Admittedly, I was spending way too much time-wasting my brain cells scrolling my feed.
  2. Idolatry: Facebook, for a spell, turned me into an idolator; furthermore, I was exhausted of being exposed to so much idolatry of various kinds. The Lord had convicted me enough times to tell me it was something I needed to turn away from, like the Israelites were to turn away from corrupt Egypt!
  3. Focus: There were additional spiritual reasons I felt that the Lord wanted me to put Facebook down for, in order to focus on Him. The first: no longer exposing myself to the myriad of false teachings and prophets people would post. I had most people’s feeds hidden but I was still seeing it, therefore, it was getting into my brain and getting mixed in with Truth. This causes confusion and that is not of the Lord.
  4. Growth: Another spiritual reason was the LORD telling me to go deeper in my walk .Boy oh boy, has He taken me deeper than I understood was possible – despite what I’m presently learning being right there in scripture! (I’ll get into this in a future blog post.) I have really needed to focus in order to wrap my head around these Truths and am grateful for fewer distractions.
  5. Clarity: Perhaps the most poignant reason: psychological and physiological ramifications. If you have never read /viewed the testimonies of the early developers, of not only social media but various programs, I encourage you to do so. Because I rather like my blog being left alone, I’m not going to insert links. (They are on YouTube and searchable in search engines.)
Not completely free

Because it’s required to manage pages, I still have a Facebook profile that I use only for admin, on which I literally have 3 connections who are clients. Since my pages are connected, I can post directly from my websites; in fact, the new algorithms actually prefer this (organic traffic) anyway.

It was hard to let go but once I did, it felt good and my mind became so much clearer – I have no regrets!  If you are feeling like you need to shed this thing, I encourage you to do so and not allow anyone to guilt you out of it! Be free, friends, free indeed!


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