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2012 to 2022: Celebrating 10 Years of Blogging for The LORD! (And a Give-a-way)

2022 marks 10 years since I was moved to shift “Writing Down Life” from a blog about “writing” to one that glorifies God and gives a witness to the power of salvation through Yeshua (Jesus). It has certainly been a long journey (one I embarked upon in October of 2009) with many winding roads. Yet, through it all His presence has been strong and continues to be. So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO WRITING DOWN LIFE – BLOG

I sometimes go back through old blog posts – OH! how my faith has shifted and strengthened! It is amazing to see how I’ve grown, personally and spiritually, in His love and shalom. I have received so much encouragement from my readers over the years, to continue sharing the testimony of my walk, and whatever the LORD puts on my heart. Even my photos.  To you I want to say, thank you so much, it has meant the world to me!

SURPRISE: As a thank you, and to commemorate 10 years, I am giving away 1 copy of my 2018 book, Bound by Seduction, Redeemed by Grace, to a reader of this blog.

Cover art: “Freedom” by Teresa Kae

To enter into the drawing, please click ⇒ this link ⇐ to the contact page, then submit the form; in the message area please state the following:

            1. If you are saved by Yeshua/Jesus’ grace and when that happened
            2. Where or how you found Writing Down Life
            3. How long you’ve been reading this blogCheers and Hallelujah to hopefully another 10 years of Writing Down Life!

In His love,

P.S. Sometime in the coming months I will be adding a PDF download of Bound by Seduction, Redeemed by Grace for sale on this website. I am then also going to find a direct publisher to get it back into my hands in order to sell the paperback and ebooks. (Amazon – linked above – won’t take it off their website despite my  asking and owning the copyright).
I do not want people to spend $24.00 USD on this book, but it is a strong and very personal testimony that has helped many people, men and women. Please don’t buy it from Amazon…I get $0 if you do, and they unlawfully make $24.
Thank you!


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